Rubbish fire on Sackville Road

This morning (Sunday 4 September) some rubbish caught fire in one of our refuse trucks on Sackville Road. 
The cause of the fire is not currently confirmed, however it is suspected to be caused by a lithium battery from a phone or similar device. These should not be put in general waste, but should be taken to a wee bank at a recycling point, one of the Household Waste Recycling Sites, TECH take back or at Curry's or B&Q who take them.
East Sussex Fire & Rescue attended and put out the fire. This required the contents of the vehicle to be emptied into the road so it could be dealt with.
Council Cityclean staff are in attendance and have cordoned off the area.

A specialist contractor has been arranged with a crane to clear the refuse as quickly as possible.
There may be some traffic and travel disruption in the Sackville Road until this happens.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.