Shocking video shows erratic Mercedes driver blocking a HGV going past

A SHOCKING video shows a reckless Mercedes-Benz driver slamming on his brakes and repeatedly blocking a HGV from overtaking on a busy motorway. Lorry driver Dan Peters captured the dangerous moment on his dashcam as he was targeted by the dangerous motorist on the M25 in Dartford, Kent, last week. The clip shows a silver Mercedes-Benz in the left-hand-side of the road in front of 36-year-old Dan's heavy goods vehicle.

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Dan then pulls over into the right-hand lane in an attempt to overtake but is forced to slam on his brakes when the driver erratically slides in front of him to stop him passing.

Dan, from Aberystwyth, Wales, returns back to the left-hand lane but the Mercedes driver then decides to right in the middle of both lanes, blocking anyone from overtaking. The pair then continue to swerve back and forth from each lanes as Dan tries to get past to get on his way. At one point the two vehicles merge onto a four lane road allowing more space for vehicles to pass.

However, the Mercedes-Benz driver uses the opportunity to slam on his brakes again directly in front of the HGV lorry again - causing Dan to swerve across lanes to avoid a collision. This continues along the busy motorway until a grey transit van attempts to help Dan by pulling into the middle lane and allowing the HGV to drive off. Dan said the dangerous driver continued harassing him for more than seven minutes and was signalling for him to pull over before finally giving up and driving off.

The video was posted on Facebook later on that day where it has since attracted over 920,000 views and thousands of comments from shocked social media users. Macey Megan York said: "The road rage that must have occurred. Good for you for not stopping in the middle of the road and giving the t**t a piece of your mind, like what the f**k."

Mike Brown Spike said : "This guy should definitely lose his license."

Mercedes swerving lanesThe Mercedes driver was trying to stop the truck getting past. Credit: Dan Peters

Mark Emlyn Samuels said: "The Merc driver is an utter tool. "The lorry driver is a very patient man, I don't think I would have been able to hold back for so long.

"I would have pushed the car out of the way and carried on with my job." Elaine Howard said: "What a complete tosser, well done you I hope police pay him a visit." Speaking today, Dan said: "That area of road is really bad at the best of times.

"I came out of the industrial site and it was just a gridlock, it was a free for all. "The road was merging, I let a few cars through and then it was my turn to merge. "He was behind me and didn't like it and tried to undertake me but he ran out of room.

"I didn't know when it was going to end. "At one point when he pulled alongside me he waved a kitchen knife at me. "After I turned the camera off he drove about a mile down the road and walked across two lanes to throw something at the lorry then got back in his car and brake checked me again.

"I was shocked to be honest.

I've driven for seven years and although you encounter abuse daily, they normally do it once or twice and drive off but he was relentless."