‘Stench’ along road where lorry drivers are forced to use bushes as toilets

PEOPLE are claiming there is stench along a road where lorry drivers have been caught "urinating and worse". A litter picking group recently discovered faecal matter, soiled toilet paper and bottles filled with urine left in hedgerows on Wainwright Road.  Sarah Murray, a member of the Warndon Wombles litter picking group, called for better facilities to be in place for lorry drivers who park along the road.

READ MORE: Warndon Wombles find human waste allegedly left by truck drivers One person claimed he has "caught many drivers urinating or worse in hedges" along Wainwright Road. Ryan Smith said: "Anyone who works at Mazak, Bosch and Royal Mail will have no doubt experienced the stench from the hedges along Wainwright Road.

"I have caught many lorry drivers urinating or worse in the hedges and leaving their filled bottles behind. "A lorry site for overnight stays would be a good investment, somewhere to shower, use the toilet, eat and sleep in the cab overnight." Worcester News: Urine found in a bottle in hedgerow.Urine found in a bottle in hedgerow.

Another reader said the smell is "absolutely disgusting" in the area and believes the companies employing the drivers should be responsible for cleaning. Sam Heywood said: "It's absolutely disgusting around there, the smell is vile. "Once a lorry has just parked up and emptied, it's then all over the road. 

"Not only should the companies they are working for be made to clean the area of all the rubbish and bottles the roads should be disinfected also. "People have to walk up the paths from other companies to go to the shops, it's vile." Serena Davis echoed the comments made by others, calling for a lorry park to be introduced to the area to prevent this.

She said: "They need a lorry park with toilets and showers, I have said this for years. The drivers are mostly away for a whole week at a time." READ MORE: A449 head-on crash which killed two men, inquest closed

In response to the calls for better facilities to be provided, a spokesperson for Worcester City Council said: "It is a criminal offence for anyone to defecate or urinate on public open space or private land, so this is a matter for the police and we will bring this to their attention."