Stowaway cat travels 42 miles to Bristol Airport all by itself

Getting out and exploring the world is a desire normally reserved for humans, but also, cats. We all know that our feline friends like to get out and about at night, and as for what they get up to - it's anyones guess, really. One particular cat however, took his relish for rambling a little further by hitching a ride all the way from his home in Wellington, Somerset, to Bristol Airport.

As it turns out, Bagheera has a tendency to hang out at the Wellington Cades Farm roundabout and hop in and out of the Stagecoach Falcon buses that link various locations across Devon and Wellington and Taunton to Bristol Airport. READ MORE: Cat spotted bobbing about on a pedalo at Bath weir Normally he's noticed, but this time he wasn't, and ended up making the 42 mile trip all by himself.

Perhaps even more impressively, he managed all of this whilst only having three legs. The airport posted on Twitter: "This feline tried to go away on holiday after travelling 42 miles from its home in Wellington, Somerset and arriving at Bristol Airport after jumping into the luggage compartment of the Falcon bus "Bagheera was found safe and well and is now back home after his adventure."

earlier on today to let the public know about this impressive feat, and to let them know that he was "found safe and well and is now back home after his adventure". We often feel like we could all do with a holiday at one point or another, and it seems Bagheera is no exception. He is well known around Wellington and has had to be collected by his owner many times over the years.