Sushi restaurant opens in Bognor Regis

Sushi Bognor opened in its doors for the first time today (September 6), giving residents a chance to sample an expansive menu, covering everything from salmon nigri, to chicken gyoza. The restaurant, on Linden Road, is owned by Paul and Philip Malyshev, who started the business six months ago with a food truck. Having spent the summer catering for events in and around Bognor Regis, they now feel ready to settle into a permanent venue.

"This was always the goal," Paul said. "We just had to find the right place."

The team at Sushi BognorThe team at Sushi BognorThe team at Sushi Bognor

The new venue, he explained, is a perfect fit and moving in wasn't as expensive as anticipated - despite the rising cost of living. "It's a similar cost to keeping the food truck running in the car park because there, you have to use a generator to keep everything cold, which is really expensive." Paul said they got the idea to start a sushi bar from their friend Nikita Bondarenko, who has nine years experience making the Japanese delicacy and now works in Sushi Bognor's kitchen.

"Before us, there were no other sushi places in Bognor Regis," he added. "People really like sushi. Over the last five years, in other parts of the country, so many sushi places have been opening up, so we wanted to bring that to Bognor. "It's very healthy and balanced, it's not like kebabs or chips or Chinese take away. it's good for you."

So far, the trio seem to be doing well, with rave testimonials from a number of regular customers. "It's not just for fish lovers," said Daiva Morgan. "There's something for everyone, and they really make sure to focus on the quality and the freshness of the food. "I've been to sushi bars in London, but none of them compare to this."

To find out more about Sushi Bognor and browse the menu - which now includes noodles and soups as well as more traditional sushi - visit their Facebook page or website, or call 07395 539700