The Story Of A Girl Who Preferred The Truck On The Catwalk

Millie Everett is a beautiful girl as well as a mother who works in the fashion world. And he may have made false papers to watch his parade. But her father has a farm and she loves to drive since childhood. I started with the tractors and then targeted the trucks. And when at the age of 20 she first wins a beauty pageant and then enters the Miss UK final, she is tempted for a moment off the catwalk. Because soon after that he chooses his true passion. [embedded content] the story of milli everetti 22 years, from eastsoft , a town in North Lincolnshire, England, is about a daughter who has to choose between mom and dad.

In fact, mom works fashion world And, seeing the special beauty of his daughter, he must have made false papers to see her parade on catwalks around the world, which was paid for by the Chief Kasas fashion . On the other hand, the father has a field which is neither too small nor too big. You have many vehicles at your disposal, mainly tractors, but also a delivery truck , And since she was a little girl, Millie was drawn to that world more than fashion shows.

He soon learns to drive a tractor, but his dream is to get on the truck , However, later in life, things take strange paths. And so, at the age of 20, inspired by her mother, she presented herself Miss Lincoln Regional Competition , Vince and at that time she also tries to win the title of Miss UK : She goes a long way and manages to finish in a respectable sixth place, thanks to her blonde hair and slim body. thanks for this showcase got a job in fashion and accepted it for some time. However, his idea is tied to his eternal passion, which remains latent but still alive.

The proof of this is that when one day,After Brexit, You Hear On TV There Are Thousands And Thousands Of Missing Drivers In The Country thinks the family business truck is either driven by him or there is a risk that it will be stopped. so milli enrolled in driving school And worked hard to be able to get all types of driving licenses. And although at school he was not what he calls a genius, in order to enter the profession in exams nor wrong too , A sign that when there is motivation, learning becomes much easier.

english driver 2

english driver 2

milli everetti behind the wheel of a family farm truck

Today, therefore, Millie is a driver: Every day he goes out for delivery cereal in different places on the island.

She is happy with the job, but the many negative comments going on around her bother her. In other words, he can’t stand the jokes of those who say so He’s only half a driver while working for his father , Missing woman reveals that there are really day they can work up to 14 hours , In fact, often the fact of feeling part of the family business makes him feel more responsible and motivates him to work harder. And even his father thinks he can ask for more from him than he would expect from a typical employee.

But what he still can’t swallow are They look at him as if he were a martyr because they are sure that Road transport is an exclusively male sector , For god’s sake, decades of implicit prejudice have led us to think that a woman was unable to board the truck. Also, especially in some areas, it was a really tough job. But today things have changed and not only because today’s heavy-duty vehicles are much easier to drive and much more livable, but also because The vast majority of goods–and consequently the drivers who are responsible for delivering them–do not travel more than 300 kilometers. ,

This is proof that Millie isn’t alone: Over 3% of truck steering wheels in the UK are operated by female hands , And the trend is definitely increasing. In Italy we are still below 2% But the way is open.

All that is left is for many others to take on.