The YouTuber uncovering Cheshire’s lost streets and buildings

A YouTuber has become a hit online by uncovering Cheshire's forgotten landmarks. YouTube channel Abandon't searches for and documents old roads and buildings across the county that have been lost over the course of history. As well as old roads, the channel has also uncovered old tramlines and even a small village that used to be at the edge of Manchester Airport.

It recently took a trip to Macclesfield which has many long-lost streets and buildings. When The Silk Road bypass was built during the 1980s it changed the geography of the town centre forever, cutting it in half. READ MORE 'I weighed just 5st due to anorexia - but I beat it and now I could be crowned Miss England'

There used to be a gasworks in the town centre, opposite where the large Tesco now stands, and a road called Gas Road which is now an overgrown and abandoned path. The same area was a hive of industry in the Victorian era and used to have multiple railway lines going through it, not that anyone would know it now. The gas holders that loomed over Macclesfield on Black Lane, which stood for over 100 years, were demolished in 2016.

Even though that happened recently, it is easy to forget how the town centre used to look.

A man called Steve is the content creator behind the Abandon't YouTube channel. He told Cheshire Live: "My YouTube channel is based on the infrastructure that's connected us all together throughout history. The old Gas Road was obliterated by the construction of the bypass.

"I had known about the old Commercial Road down by the side of where Arighi Bianchi is. And I noticed that there were the parapets like an old bridge and an old working flat area heading down next to the Silk Road. "But there was a large Gasworks there.

When you're coming out of Tesco and you have to come out where the bin trucks are parked, that triangle area opposite there, before you go up to the roundabout, was the old gasworks. "I was more interested in the infrastructure seeing if there's anything left of the old road and seeing what imprints that had left in the town in regards to the bridge and the embankment that was left. It is just a short stretch of road that ran from Commercial Road that had a big gasworks on it.

Gas Road is now an overgrown path next to the Silk Road by-pass.

Steve adds: "There's a lot of local history in Cheshire, people don't realise how much history is in the area, we think we have to go to places like Manchester and Buxton to get a lot of history. But literally right outside of Macclesfield there is loads of stuff, even in the town as well." He continued: "I've got a group of videos coming out in September about Macclesfield's historic railway stations - it has had five of them.

I've done a bit about this old tramway from the 1830s on the Kerridge cliff overlooking Bollington and I've got one video on Dane's Moss tramway which is in danger of being built over. It just seems to be being forgotten about." The Abandon't You Tube channel can be found here

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