Wetherspoons announces pub opening plans for Queen’s funeral bank holiday

Wetherspoons has said its central London, railway station and airport pubs will all remain open as the Queen's funeral takes place. King Charles III has approved a new bank holiday which will go ahead on Monday, September 19 for his late mother Queen Elizabeth II's funeral. Wetherspoons said most of its venues will be shut for the funeral service, only opening for the day from about 1pm after the funeral takes place.

It is the latest hospitality company to confirm its opening plans for Monday September 19, which will be a public bank holiday. A spokesman for the company said: "Pub company Wetherspoon is opening its pubs in central London, rail stations and airports and all of its hotels (hotels will be open for resident guests only) during normal trading hours from 8am until midnight on Monday September 19. "The majority of its pubs will open later than usual, after the state funeral, at approximately 1pm and will remain open during normal trading hours after that."

Queen Elizabeth's funeral will be on September 19Queen Elizabeth's funeral will be on September 19 (AFP via Getty Images)

The UK's biggest pub firm, Stonegate, said on Wednesday it plans to keep venues open and show footage of the Queen's funeral.

The Slug & Lettuce owner, which runs about 4,500 pubs and bars, said its managed venues will remain open to allow customers to celebrate the life of the Queen. Those running its leased and tenanted pubs able to independently decide whether they will open.

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Heineken's pub arm, Star Pubs & Bars, said it may keep some venues open for the day as well, allowing independent leaseholders to decide. It comes as the vast majority of retailers have said they will shut their doors during the day as a mark of respect for the Queen.

Downing Street has indicated that it is up to individual businesses how to approach the bank holiday. The Prime Minister's official spokesman said that the day of the funeral will operate as "a standard bank holiday".

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"Obviously individual businesses will need to make the decisions about what's right for them and discuss with their employees but there is obviously no one-size-fits-all approach." A full list of everything open during the day is slowly being confirmed as stores and organisations announce their plans.

Supermarkets Sainsbury's, M&S, Asda, Tesco, Waitrose and Morrisons are set to shut next week to mark the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. The NHS has issued a warning that "non-urgent" appointments may be rescheduled during the bank holiday. It comes as thousands of hospital and GP appointments scheduled for the day of the Queen's funeral are being postponed in England.

GPs received a notice from NHS England explaining that they can choose to close their doors for the funeral.

Hospital trusts can also make their own decisions on whether to close for the day.

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