Woman falls from wheelchair due to ‘inconsiderate’ football parking

Police have clamped down on 'inconsiderate' football parking after an elderly woman fell from her wheelchair when trying to get around a badly parked car. Greater Manchester Police announced they had sized a number of vehicles that had been causing an obstruction during the Manchester United v Arsenal game at Old Trafford on Sunday (September 4). Among those seized were a BMW and grey Audi which were driven away on the back of a pick up truck away from the stadium.

Police warned those heading to future games to park legally or face the same consequences. One elderly woman had even fallen off her wheelchair when trying to manoeuvre herself off the kerb and around a car which had been left in the middle of the pavement during the match. READ MORE Hero dad stops out-of-control car to save M62 driver who suffered seizure in fast lane

GMP Traffic wrote on Twitter: " As a result of this inconsiderate parking during last night's MUFC fixture, an elderly female fell from her wheelchair whilst trying to get around the car to get off the kerb. Consider the effect of your actions on others when you dump your vehicle." And sharing the pictures of two cars which were seized by police, they wrote: "A number of vehicles were recovered from around the MUFC ground during last night's fixture due to causing an obstruction.

Please consider your travel plans to the ground and where you are going to legally park your vehicle when you arrive." It was just last month that the Manchester Evening News reported how drivers had been dumping their cars on pavements and cycle lanes beside nearby Cornbrook tram stop, in Stretford. Police confirmed they had received numerous complaints about the inconsiderate parking and had been issuing fines.

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