Author: Ilkka

Man ‘inches from death’ after lorry ploughs into home

A three-storey house was nearly ripped from its foundations after being rammed by an out-of-control truck in Leicestershire. Rescue crews rushed to the scene after the 44-tonne HGV veered off-road and punched a gaping hole in the front of the renovated farmhouse yesterday morning. The owner was left dangling over the precipice in his bed as falling brickwork rained down on him. John Rowley, 70, of Sharnford, Leics., believes he is only still alive thanks to a 50ft tree he planted 34 years ago which deflected some of the impact. “I was half asleep, listening to the radio when there was this big bang and bricks started flying everywhere. I thought the house had fallen down. I jumped out of bed and called the police. I wasn’t injured, just totally shocked. My bed was left hanging over what was left of the lounge. If it hadn’t been for the blue cedar tree I planted when I moved in here, which the lorry brought down, it would have taken the whole front of the house off and me with it. This is the second time this has happened to me. In the last one about 16 months ago, a car came straight through the wall of the old granary. * That job took six months of repairs and cost 70,000. * I expect this one will be about the same.” John Rowley, homeowner A Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said: “The driver was uninjured but was unable to extricate himself from the lorry. “He was subsequently freed by firefighters and taken to Leicester Royal Infirmary for precautionary checks.” Peter Cobley, managing director at Cobley Transport, whose vehicle was involved in the smash, said: “Whilst we understand there were no injuries as a result of this incident, including the occupier of the property and our driver, we take these incidents very seriously and are working closely with the emergency services to assist with their investigations.”