Author: Abdul Latheef

Can you take the heat?

Now that summer is well underway and we are experiencing hot daytime temperatures, the risk of developing heat rash increases significantly. For many professional truck drivers, heat rash can become an issue during the hot and humid summer months.

You’ve got gall

After eating a burger, or other greasy foods do you ever feel pain in the center or upper right part of your abdomen? Does pain sometimes spread to your right shoulder or back? If so, you may have gallbladder issues.
Your gallbladder is a small, hollow…

Tickled pink

Eva Knelsen pursued a dream behind the wheel despite opposition from family.

WALCOTT, Iowa — You could say that Eva Knelsen was tickled pink to attend the 40th annual Iowa 80 Truckers Jamboree.
The Ontario driver was pulling double duty at this year…