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COLUMN: No better way to spend a Saturday

ALAN MARRIOTT WRITES: THERE are things in life you don’t realise you are missing out on.
I still steadfastly refuse to ‘enjoy’ Queen, Coldplay or Phil Collins and I will have no truck with musical theatre. But it was an error of omission which, until t…

Anger toward media spreads into local communities

NEW YORK (AP) — The hostility she’s felt from the public recently wasn’t necessarily the last straw in television news photographer Lori Bentley-Law’s decision to quit the business after 24 years, but it was one of them.
Bentley-Law’s recent blog post …

Black Falcon spread their wings with new album

BRADFORD band Black Falcon today release their first album, Turn Around and Face the Sun.
The group, which started out in 2014 has gone from strength to strength, often being compared to rock giants such as the Foo Fighters or Monster Truck. Havin…