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Landfill ban fallout could cost taxpayers more than £1 billion, report finds

The Scottish Government’s 2021 ban on landfill waste is off target and will rely on exporting rubbish elsewhere, according to an official report.
It found the fallout from the ban could cost the Scottish economy more than £1 billion.
Legislation bannin…

Three charged over Canary Wharf train roof Extinction Rebellion climate protests

The first people thought to have been charged over this week’s climate change protests in London are expected to appear in court later.
Cathy Eastburn, 51, Mark Ovland, 35, and Luke Watson, 29, are due before magistrates in the capital over their alleg…

Three killed in head-on crash with vehicle on wrong side of road

Three people have died after their car collided head-on with a vehicle that was driving on the wrong side of the road.
Police believe the driver who was heading the wrong way could have been under the influence of drink or drugs during the crash in Pet…

What is a customs union and why does it matter?

Any compromise Brexit deal between the Government and Labour is likely to feature UK involvement in some sort of customs union with the EU. But what is a customs union and why does it matter?
What is a customs union?A customs union is a group of countr…