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Lorry driver dies following serious crash on A66 in Cumbria

Police have identified a Carlisle lorry driver who died after a crash on the A66.
Timothy Harkness, 72, was behind the wheel of one of two HGVs involved in the collision at about 5.40am.
The crash happened at Kirkby Thore, east of Penrith, and the road…

Near-miss! Terrifying moment driver is confronted with an HGV coming straight towards him as it overtakes another lorry

The lorry comes within inches of a head-on collision with an oncoming car
A Twitter user branded him an idiot who should be taken off the roads
The dash cam footage was taken on the Stocksbridge Bypass in Sheffield 




Lorry driver taken to hospital after careering off road into woodland

Published: 11:53 Saturday 23 December 2017


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A lorry driver was taken to hospital after his vehicle careered off the carriageway into woodland in South Yorkshire.
Firefighters from Rotherham fire station were called to Centenary Way…

Peterborough lorry driver sees body of 4ft black panther being cleared from A1 carriageway

A Peterborough lorry driver says he saw the dead body of a a 4ft black panther being removed from the A1 today by highway maintenance workers.
Peterborough Trucker Graham Byram says he witnessed a trio of highway maintenance workers struggling to remov…

VIDEO: On-the-run lorry driver hunted after crash in Sheffield

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Published: 09:06 Tuesday 14 November 2017

A lorry driver is on the run after a collision in Sheffield yesterday….