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Network Rail reveals it wants to do away with all level crossings following Motherwell incident

The company responsible for the infrastructure of the UK’s railways has admitted on Twitter it would like to do away with level crossings.

This came in the wake of a delivery lorry getting stuck on the railway line between Logans Road and Bellshill Road on Thursday afternoon.

The Scotrail Alliance confirmed an investigation is currently underway to find out how the vehicle managed to get trapped under the height restriction barrier on Bellshill Road.

The lorry was freed after about two hours and once the height barrier was removed the level crossing was reopened.

This came just a day after Network Rail had announced plans to enhance safety at Cornton level crossing in Stirling by installing an upgraded full-barrier crossing system.

In response to a question from another Twitter user about whether this would mean the Motherwell incident could happen at Cornton, the @NetworkRailSCOT account replied: “While we certainly hope that it won’t happen at #Cornton it shows ongoing risks of level crossings on the network and why we want them closed.”

It has already submitted final proposals to close or modify level crossings across Suffolk.

Motherwell West councillors Paul Kelly and Meghan Gallacher hit out at any suggestion the level crossing in Motherwell should be closed.

Councillor Kelly said: “What we need to do is look at improvements that can be made at the level crossing and that doesn’t meaning cutting off two communities.

“If the route from Logans Road to Bellshill Road was to be shut it doesn’t bear thinking about the traffic problems it would create.

“The complaint I always get is the amount of time people have to wait at the level crossing. It can be up to 20 minutes, which is ridiculous, and that should be the main priority being addressed.”

Councillor Gallacher added: “The level crossing is a vital road link within our community and I would fight to ensure it remains open.

“I will be writing to Network Rail to ask them to explain just what they meant by their tweet.”

Watch as lorry gets stuck at level crossing causing chaos on surrounding roads

An HGV lorry has become stuck at a level crossing in Motherwell, causing chaos for motorists on roads nearby.

Emergency services were called to the scene at Motherwell Bridgeworks around 1pm today (Thursday) and they remain on scene.

The lorry appears to have hit a structure of the bridge, and the incident was caught on dash-cam footage by In-Gear Professional Driving Tuition, reports the Daily Record.

Motorists have taken to Twitter to say avoid routes nearby if you can, as traffic remains gridlocked.

Tweeting a picture taken by Colette Boyd while he drove, Chris Armstrong said: “B&M lorry has WRECKED the bridgework railway crossing at Bellshill Road, Motherwell. Road closed.”

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