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South Yorkshire farmer Jim Beary poses up as Holly Willoughby in similar overalls to her M&S line


‘I told my wife I was a trendsetter!’ ‘Style icon’ farmer who hilariously posed in his overalls to recreate the Holly Willoughby look is credited with boosting sales at M&S
Jim Beary’s wife saw M&S’s denim overalls and…

Gang of at least 10 'illegal immigrants' cut their way out of a Belgian lorry when they reach the UK


Moment illegal immigrants run from lorry they stowed away in – while others scramble out of the hole they cut in the side
The gang had been in the lorry for three days, it is believed, to get to the UK
They ran out of the depo…

Britons in fatal New Zealand car crash named

A British couple killed when their car collided with a lorry in New Zealand have been named.
Malcolm Lawrence Brierley  and Margaret Anne Brierley, both 65 and from Croydon in South London, died on Thursday when they were caught up in the crash in Preb…

Near-miss! Terrifying moment driver is confronted with an HGV coming straight towards him as it overtakes another lorry

The lorry comes within inches of a head-on collision with an oncoming car
A Twitter user branded him an idiot who should be taken off the roads
The dash cam footage was taken on the Stocksbridge Bypass in Sheffield 




Lorry driver taken to hospital after careering off road into woodland

Published: 11:53 Saturday 23 December 2017


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A lorry driver was taken to hospital after his vehicle careered off the carriageway into woodland in South Yorkshire.
Firefighters from Rotherham fire station were called to Centenary Way…