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Watch lorry push car down a road without even realising

Dashcam footage has captured the moment a HGV crashed into a car before pushing it down a road.The Ford Fiesta is believed to have pulled out in front of the lorry at a junction, before the lorry slams into the side of it and pushes it down the road at…

Fireworks 2017: What's on and where in SE London and north Kent

Remember, remember the 5th of November …
Actually, many of this year’s bonfire and fireworks events take place on Saturday, November 4, which should be a spectacular night.
Here are some of the best displays taking place near you.
All you have to do …

Fireworks 2017: What's on and where in SE London and north Kent …

Remember, remember the 5th of November …
Actually, many of this year’s bonfire and fireworks events take place on Saturday, November 4, which should be a spectacular night.
Here are some of the best displays taking place near you.
All you have to do …

Ram raiders strike at Spar shop in Stapenhill using a machine to rip …

A Stapenhill shop has been targeted in a ram raid attack this morning on Monday, October 2.
Thieves used a digger-type machine to steal the cashpoint from outside the Spar shop in Rosliston Road at around 3am police have said.
It comes after a two prev…

Businesses prepare for London emission charges

Businesses including coach operators and HGV fleet managers are preparing for the introduction of an Emissions Surcharge, known as the ‘T-charge,’ in central London, which aims to discourage the use of older, more polluting vehicles.

The charge, which is an additional £10 charge on top of what drivers will already pay to enter the Congestion Charge Zone, comes into effect from 23 October, and applies to petrol and diesel vehicles which fall below the Euro 4 emission standard.

Charges will increase from October to enter the Congestion Charge Zone in central London

Euro 4 stipulates that vehicles must emit no more than 0.08g/km of NOx for petrol vehicles or 0.25g/km for diesel to achieve the standard.

This will essentially mean that cars, vans, minibuses, buses, coaches and HGVs built prior to 2005 will be subject to a charge of more than £20 per day to enter the centre of London. Transport for London has estimated that as many as 8,850 vehicles will be subject to the charge every day.

Some exemptions exist, with motorcycles, mopeds and scooters currently exempt from the Congestion Charge also exempt from the T-Charge, while residents registered for the Congestion Charge Residents’ Discount will automatically be registered for a 90% discount on the T-Charge.

Vehicle owners can use a specially created online vehicle compliance checker, on the TfL website[1] to establish whether their vehicle is affected by the T-Charge and get advice on what action, if any, they need to take.

Charges for vehicles to enter Congestion Charge Zone, after October 2017

Vehicle type (includes hybrid vehicles)  Minimum emission standard  Congestion Charge amount T-Charge amount (if emission standard not met) Total daily payment (if emission standard not met)
Motorised tricycles and quadricycles Euro 3 £11.50
(£10.50 Auto Pay)
£10 £21.50
(£20.50 Auto Pay)
Cars, and small vans (not exceeding 1,205kg unladen weight and not exceeding 3500kg GVW) Euro 4 £11.50
(£10.50 Auto Pay)
£10 £21.50
(£20.50 Auto Pay)
Vans (exceeding 1,205kg unladen and not exceeding 3,500kg GVW) and Minibuses (not exceeding 5,000kg GVW)* Euro 4 £11.50
(£10.50 Auto Pay)
£10 £21.50
(£20.50 Auto Pay)
HGVs (exceeding 3,500kg GVW) Euro 4 £11.50
(£10.50 Auto Pay)
£10 £21.50
(£20.50 Auto Pay)
Coaches and buses (exceeding 5,000kg GVW) Euro 4 £0** £10 £10
Vehicles registered for Residents’ Discount As above depending on your vehicle type £1.05 (Auto Pay) £1 £2.05 (Auto Pay)

Source: TfL

The Emissions Surcharge is one of a host of measures introduced by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, in a bid to improve air quality in the capital, and comes ahead of the introduction of an Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) which will eventually be in effect across Greater London.

Commenting on the proposals earlier this year, the Mayor said: “Londoners overwhelmingly support my plans to introduce this £10 charge because they feel when it comes to battling pollution the time for action is now.

“The T-Charge is a vital step in tackling the dirtiest diesels before I introduce the world’s first Ultra Low Emission Zone as early as 2019.”


The ULEZ will further toughen emissions standards in the capital, with petrol cars, vans and minibuses required to meet the Euro 4 standard, whilst diesel vehicles will be required to meet the latest Euro 6 standard in order to avoid a charge of £12.50 per day. HGVs and buses or coaches falling below the Euro 6 standard will be subject to a £100 per day ULEZ charge.

The initial area proposed to be included in the ULEZ from April 2019

The ULEZ will first come into effect in central London from April 2019, having been brought forward 18 months by Sadiq Khan, before its expected roll out across Greater London for heavy diesel vehicles, including buses, coaches and lorries in 2020, and up to the North and South Circular roads for cars and vans in 2021.

Despite having been welcomed by air quality campaigners – some of whom feel that the measure should be brought in quicker – the introduction of the ULEZ in 2019 has been met with concern from fleet operators.


Responding to a consultation on the proposed timing of the ULEZ earlier this year, the Road Haulage Association said that the measure would effectively ‘scrap many modern and expensive vehicles well before their time’.

The organisation has argued that bringing the ULEZ forward does not give sufficient time for vehicle operators to effectively manage the change to newer Euro 6 vehicles.

It added: “Operators have already planned their vehicle purchasing and leases around the original September 2020 date. Late changes such as this will make the purchasing process more expensive. For the operators of specialised freight vehicles, the problem will be even more acute.”


  1. ^ TfL website (

Shocking moment a gang of up to 40 suspected illegal migrants climb out of a French lorry parked up at an M25 …

A shocking video shows ‘at least 30 or 40 men’ climbing out of a lorry at an M25 service station as another person whips them with rope.
The gang can be seen lifting the roof of a truck and then fleeing at Cobham Services in Elmbridge, Surrey yesterday afternoon.
The video was filmed by electrical engineer Ryan Stanley who was driving from a job in Bromley, south London when he witnessed the men unloading themselves from the French lorry at about 2.30pm.
In the clip two men appear to be hurrying the suspected migrants along, one of them even lashed out at the stowaways with a makeshift whip.
Mr Stanley, 21, said: ‘There were about 30 or 40 which came out. I started filming about 25 seconds after I first noticed them.
‘There was three lorries and two of them seemed to no nothing about what was going on. The drivers seemed shocked.
‘[The people] were coming out of a French lorry carrying industrial pipework. They just all ran away across the field and behind the little hotel. It was it bit surreal.’
Mr Stanley also claimed that police with sniffer dogs were at the station but he did not witness any arrests being made.

A man arrested on suspicion of illegally driving 27 people into the UK after they were found in the back of a lorry has been released without charge.
The 50-year-old Italian was arrested on suspicion of facilitating illegal entry on Friday, August 28, when 27 men were found in the back of his lorry at Cobham services on the M25.

Between August 2014 and August 2015, 106 men and 11 women were arrested on suspicion of illegal entry into the UK at the M25 services.
Of those people, 16 were children and teenagers, and 71 were under 30.
The arrested had travelled from as far as Afghanistan, Albania, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Syria. The majority came from Eritrea.
In 2015 an Italian lorry driver arrested on suspicion of illegally driving 27 people into the UK was released without charge.
The 50-year-old was detained on suspicion of facilitating illegal entry after the group of men were found in his truck at Cobham Services.
The Home Office confirmed his release was likely to have been the day after his arrest.

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