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Lorry driver handed community order after crane killed elderly cyclist

A HGV driver has been handed a 12 month community order following the death of an elderly cyclist who was struck by an insecure crane.
Stephen Moorman pleaded guilty at Birmingham Crown Court to causing the death of Ella Murray, 70, by careless driving…

Live: Scorching temperatures hit Leicester with 'heatwave alert …

Swim warning
The emergency services are warning about going for a swim in open water after a man died and a child went missing.
Police said two other children were able to make their way safely out of Westport Lake in north Staffordshire on Monday, aft…

How did he WALK AWAY from that? Shocking aftermath of horror crash where HGV landed on roof of Range Rover… but the driver escaped with a few scratches


The Range Rover and the HGV were on the A5127 near Lichfield at the time 
The 38-tonne truck landed on top of the roof of the unlucky Range Rover 
Despite the crash, the Range Rover’s driver and passenger escaped unharmed

Inches from catastrophe: The moment a truck driver narrowly misses car driving the WRONG WAY down the M5


The HGV was travelling on the M5 motorway when a car approached it head on
The truck was forced to swerve into the middle lane in order to avoid the car 
The driver said: ‘Nothing quite prepared me for this level of stupidity’…

Lorry overturns on major Stoke-on-Trent road

A lorry has overturned on a major Stoke-on-Trent road this afternoon – with one man taken to hospital as a result.
The accident took place on Reginald Mitchell Way between the A500[1] D Road (Kidsgrove[2] / Tunstall[3] Turn Off) and A50 High Street (Sa…

Lorry driver taken to hospital after HGV overturned on the M5 in between Worcester and Droitwich

A LORRY driver was taken to hospital after the HGV he was driving collided with the central reservation on the M5 between Worcester and Droitwich and overturned.The incident happened at 7.59pm last night (Thursday) on the northbound carriageway and ano…