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Live updates as a lorry crashes through central reservation closing M25 between South Mimms and Waltham Cross

There are long delays on the M25 after a lorry crash in the early hours of Easter Monday closed the motorway for several junctions.
Both clockwise and anti-clockwise carriageways are closed after an accident between South Mimms and Waltham Cross/Enfiel…

Standon road blocked after HGV gets stuck between two trees

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A narrow country road in Standon has been shut for more than two hours after a HGV got wedged between two trees.

Police were called at 1.08pm today (August 8) to reports that a lorry had become stuck on Barwick Road.

The road has been closed in both directions and will remain closed until the vehicle can be freed from the trees.

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Officers from the East Herts Rural unit are at the scene, tweeting at 2.36pm today: “We are currently dealing with a HGV which is stuck on Barwick Road, Standon. Recovery is on scene, road is closed at this time.”

Hertfordshire County Council Highways have also been contacted by the police.

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M25 crash: Firefighters cut casualties out of vehicles

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Firefighters have had to cut people out of their vehicles after a serious crash on the M25 which has closed the clockwise side of the motorwa.

The crash happened between junction 22, for St Albans, and junction 23, for Potters Bar, and is believed to have involved two vehicles, one of which is possibly a HGV.

Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue have said that two of the services’ cutting equipment was at the scene to help casualties get out of the vehicles.

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Traffic is queuing for 16 miles as a result of the crash, from Junction 21a for St Albans to Junction 25 for Enfield, near Waltham Cross.

Drivers are being warned they face an hour and a half of delays on the M25.

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Lorry and car smash causes long delays on M1 near Watford

Two lanes are closed and there are long queues on the M1 after a crash involving a lorry and two cars occurred earlier today.

The incident happened on the northbound carriageway between junctions five (Watford) and six (St Albans).

Hertfordshire Constabulary[1] said three vehicles were involved in the crash but added that no-one had been injured.

Police and traffic officers are currently on the scene clearing debris from the carriageway.


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Waltham Abbey M25 delays after two lorry accidents

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There are delays on the M25 clockwise by Waltham Abbey[2] after an earlier accident involving a lorry.

One lane was closed as emergency services secured the scene and has since been reopened, but traffic is still returning to normal.

In a separate incident, an accident involving another lorry has forced the closure of one lane anti-clockwise between Junction 27 and 26 at Honey Lane.

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Vehicles are moving at an average speed of 20mph and falling to ten mph at the junction with the A10 at Waltham Cross.

Queues stretch back to Junction 24 and drivers are advised to plan ahead and avoid the route if possible.

It is not yet clear what time traffic will return to normal.


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Hoddesdon ‘illegal immigrants’ found in back of lorry say they are from Iran and Turkey

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Four people detained after being found in the back of a lorry in Hoddesdon[2] have told officers they are Iranian and Turkish nationals.

All four were arrested on suspicion of illegal entry to the country and were taken into police custody. Their cases will be assessed in line with immigration rules, a Home Office spokesperson told the Mercury.

Immigration Enforcement was contacted by Hertfordshire Constabulary yesterday afternoon (May 15) after police officers attended an incident on the A10 near Hoddesdon.

A Home Office spokesperson confirmed the men presented themselves as Iranian and Turkish nationals.

Police were called to the scene at 1.42pm to reports of several people in the back of a lorry and paramedics also attended to assess their physical health, which is believed to be in good order.

The group were in a refrigerator lorry.

Steve Gumble, who lives in Broxbourne, told the Mercury he saw the men in handcuffs “looking unhappy” on the roadside.

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Shocking moment an EIGHT-year-old boy drives home in a pickup truck on busy roads as his proud traveller father films in vehicle behind

  • A video shows an eight-year-old boy driving a truck home on a busy main road 
  • The odd footage was shot in Hertfordshire by a traveller father of his driver son 
  • The boy was horned after forcing two cars to brake as he pulled out on a road
  • A girl in the car, who appears to be the traveller’s daughter, watched the journey 





A bizarre video has emerged of a traveller purportedly filming his eight-year-old son driving a truck home. 

The footage appears to have been taken by the father of the boy in a car following closely behind.

The clip starts with the black pickup truck, driven by the youngster, pulling out onto a busy Hertfordshire road and joining traffic seamlessly.

The boy pulls up in the pickup truck after reaching home

The boy pulls up in the pickup truck after reaching home

The boy pull outs onto the main road at the beginning of the video

The boy pull outs onto the main road at the beginning of the video

Freewheeler: The boy pulls up in the pickup truck after reaching home (left). And (right) the boy pull outs onto the main road at the beginning of the video 

As he films the truck, the unseen man says to a young girl beside him, who he calls Mary: ‘This is what we do – we don’t change because of times. Times maybe change but we don’t.

‘It’s no big deal. I done it since I was no age and he has to do the same.

‘My daddy done that with me and Jonny does it now.’

The four minute journey home hit a nervy moment when a car horn blares and two vehicles are seemingly forced to brake quickly behind the pickup truck as it pulls out onto a main road.

To which the girl in car behind exclaims: ‘He crashed dad!’

The man replies: ‘No, he didn’t. Jonny’s the boy and he takes her home.’

The father asks the young girl, who didn’t use her seat belt and is sat in the front of the car, what the boy is doing.

She says: ‘He’s driving her home. All by himself with no one to help him.

‘If you don’t believe it you have to go to me daddy and see the video.’

The dad adds: ‘There’s two or three cars in front of me and him. That’s my Jonny and he’s taking her home.’

When asked by the child ‘what happens if he crashes’ he replies: ‘He won’t crash – he knows his job. Believe me, he knows his job.’

Then the car driven by the boy can be seen sharply braking as the driver attempts to manoeuvre it into a private lane.

The car pulls into the drive way

The car pulls into the drive way

The boy did a turn over the gravel

The boy did a turn over the gravel

Home: The car pulls into the drive way before doing a turn over the gravel 

The car pulls onto the gravel driveway and spins around, coming back towards the camera.

It then stops and the driver winds down the window to reveal a young boy at the wheel.

The footage was shared on Facebook by a group earlier this month with the caption: ‘8 YEAR OLD TRAVELLER KID DRIVES HIS DADDYS TRUCK HOME ON HIS OWN [crying with laughter emoji]’.

It has been watched over 112,000 times and received a mixed reaction from viewers.

One said: ‘(He) drives better than most of the fools on the road these days.’

But another wrote: ‘This is poor parenting and to top it off it’s St Albans. Not a chance if he hits you.’ 

The side of the truck is emblazoned with the logo for a plant hire company L-Lynch, which has a base in nearby Hemel Hempstead who have denied any links with the truck.   


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