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South Yorkshire farmer Jim Beary poses up as Holly Willoughby in similar overalls to her M&S line


‘I told my wife I was a trendsetter!’ ‘Style icon’ farmer who hilariously posed in his overalls to recreate the Holly Willoughby look is credited with boosting sales at M&S
Jim Beary’s wife saw M&S’s denim overalls and…

Gang of at least 10 'illegal immigrants' cut their way out of a Belgian lorry when they reach the UK


Moment illegal immigrants run from lorry they stowed away in – while others scramble out of the hole they cut in the side
The gang had been in the lorry for three days, it is believed, to get to the UK
They ran out of the depo…

Near-miss! Terrifying moment driver is confronted with an HGV coming straight towards him as it overtakes another lorry

The lorry comes within inches of a head-on collision with an oncoming car
A Twitter user branded him an idiot who should be taken off the roads
The dash cam footage was taken on the Stocksbridge Bypass in Sheffield 




Lorry driver taken to hospital after careering off road into woodland

Published: 11:53 Saturday 23 December 2017


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A lorry driver was taken to hospital after his vehicle careered off the carriageway into woodland in South Yorkshire.
Firefighters from Rotherham fire station were called to Centenary Way…

Peterborough lorry driver sees body of 4ft black panther being cleared from A1 carriageway

A Peterborough lorry driver says he saw the dead body of a a 4ft black panther being removed from the A1 today by highway maintenance workers.
Peterborough Trucker Graham Byram says he witnessed a trio of highway maintenance workers struggling to remov…

VIDEO: On-the-run lorry driver hunted after crash in Sheffield

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Waiting for Video…

Published: 09:06 Tuesday 14 November 2017

A lorry driver is on the run after a collision in Sheffield yesterday….

A Special Week to Promote the UK Road Haulage Logistics Industry

National Lorry Week and Freight Driver Awards Converge UK – It’s all happening at the moment in the world of British trucking as the Road Haulage Association (RHA) is celebrating its National Lorry Week which runs until September 16, meanwhile final preparations are under way for the 2017 Freight Transport Association (FTA) Driver of the Year competition. Today (September 12) there is a Parliamentary Reception at the House of Commons when the RHA will lobby ministers and other government officials as part of its continuous campaign to promote the logistics industry.

A schedule of the week’s events from the RHA campaign can be seen here, and include a primary school visit in Leicestershire whilst She’s RHA will host a diversity in the workplace event at the Auto Trader HQ in Manchester with the support of that company. The RHA is keen to point out that National Lorry Week isn’t just about the truck and the theme of this year’s event is ‘The Next Generation’. Government statistics show that by 2022, the industry needs to recruit 1.2 million more people. Drivers, workshop technicians, warehouse operatives, management, all are needed to boost the industry’s employee base to maintain the health of the sector.

Meanwhile the FTA Driver of the Year competition will be judged in three vehicle contests: Van Excellence Driver of the Year sponsored by Mercedes-Benz Vans, which takes place on Tuesday 12 September; Truck Driver of the Year 18 tonne sponsored by Bridgestone, which takes place on Wednesday 13 September; and Truck Driver of the Year 44 tonne sponsored by Mercedes-Benz Trucks, which takes place on Thursday 14 September. A Young Driver of the Year will be named in each category.

The event is hosted at the Mercedes-Benz Wentworth Park facility where, after the three days of competition all the winners will be reassessed and an overall FTA Driver of the Year 2017 will be named, who will be presented with his or her prize at the FTA Transport Manager Conference at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry on 29 November. Mike Belk, Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK, said:

“Mercedes-Benz Trucks is delighted to be supporting FTA’s Driver of the Year competition, and we’re looking forward to welcoming the finalists to our facility at Wentworth Park in South Yorkshire. Mercedes-Benz Trucks is committed to improving road safety and driver efficiency, so we’re proud to be sponsoring the 44 tonne Truck Driver of the Year competition day on Thursday. We can’t wait to see drivers putting their skills to the test in our comfortable modern trucks which are fitted with the latest technology.”

Police stand-off truck driver’s threat to “kill” ex-wife

A truck driver involved in a four hour stand-off with police at his former wife’s home sent his boss a text message saying: “Going to kill her.”

Peter Myers , 34, was jailed for two years after a judge heard how he had gone to his former wife’s home in Cleator Moor and barricaded himself in a bedroom with a three-year-old child and threatened to kill himself.

He admitted false imprisonment.

Gerard Rogerson, prosecuting, outlined the terrifying confrontation, which happened in the early hours of April 3.

The prosecutor said the defendant, of Millgrew Close, Maryport, was due to drive his lorry from Edinburgh to South Yorkshire and then Penzance, but at 11.23pm on April 2 he sent a text to his boss saying he could not complete his shift.

The manager replied, asking: “What’s up, pal?”

The defendant’s reply was: “The ex. Going to kill her.”

The boss then sent another reply, cautioning Myers against doing anything silly, and the defendant responded by saying the woman involved had got him to the point where he wanted to kill himself.

After driving back to his depot, Myers then drove to his former partner’s home in Cleator Moor, going uninvited into her house at 3am.

Describing what happened next, Mr Rogerson said Myers’ ex-wife was having trouble sleeping and at 3am she heard footsteps and he appeared in the bedroom.

“She jumped out of bed and asked him what he was doing there,” said Mr Rogerson. He demanded to know why she hadn’t answered her mobile phone, the defendant having sent her 33 texts and a smaller number of calls.

“In her words, she just legged it, grabbing her mobile phone as she left, ” said the prosecutor.

Responding to her 999 call, police arrived a short time later, by which time Myers had barricaded himself in a bedroom with a three year old.

In the negotiations with police that followed, Myers said he wouldn’t harm the child, who was released after 15 minutes, but he would kill himself.

“He repeated these threats, and told them he was holding a knife to his own throat,” said Mr Rogerson.

The stand-off continued for four hours, with the defendant’s behaviour being unpredictable, and involving periods of calmness and then verbal aggression. At various points, he threw belongings from the bedroom window.

At 7.33am, Myers finally allowed the officers into the bedroom. Asked where the knife was, he replied: “I never had one.”

The court heard that the defendant’s previous convictions included one for robbery, burglary and arson, though the last offence was 2008.

Mr Rogerson said of the defendant’s former wife: “She says that following her divorce from Mr Myers, she finally felt she was free from him. After this incident, she now feels threatened by him again.”

Greg Hoare, for Myers, said the defendant was thoroughly ashamed of what had been a very ugly and concerning incident.

The barrister said: “He had access to a bottle of rum and by the time he got to the house, he was very much the worse for drink.

“When sober, he’s a hard-working, rational person.”

As well as the jail term, Judge Barbara Forrester imposed an indefinite restraining order preventing Myers from contacting his former wife.

The judge added: “I’m satisfied that the circumstances are so serious that it needs an immediate custodial sentence.” Prosecutors offered no evidence for the alleged offences of burglary and criminal damage.