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Hitchin trucker Martin: ‘I’m not a hero, I’m lucky to be alive’

07:01 25 February 2016 Layth Yousif [1] Long-distance lorry driver Martin Hamilton helped two other lorry drivers after their lorries blew over in high winds on the A1 Archant A long-distance driver from Hitchin who helped two truckers after their lorries blew over in separate incidents just yards from each other said this week: I m not a hero. Email this article to a friend To send a link to this page you must be logged in. Once Martin Hamilton had made sure the driver was safe he took a picture of a lorry blown over in high winds on the A1. Martin Hamilton, 55, from Milestone Road, was on the A1 near the Torness power station in East Lothian when an HGV in front of him was blown onto its side by wides which had reached 100 miles per hour. Dad of two Martin, who has been criss-crossing the UK for 35 years, narrowly avoided disaster as he took evasive action and hit the brakes. He said: If I had been two or three seconds further ahead I would be dead now, because I would have smashed into the corner of the toppled lorry. It would have gone straight through my cab and squashed me like a sardine. Thankfully those extra seconds saved my life. Once Martin Hamilton had made sure the driver was safe he took a picture of a lorry blown over in high winds on the A1. Martin then raced to see if he could help the driver of the stricken lorry. He jumped on to the cab and somehow managed to pull the driver out. He said: I don t know whether he was in shock but he had trouble getting out of his seatbelt. I told him: Mate, you ve got to get out before the cab goes up in flames . Once Martin Hamilton had made sure the driver was safe he took a picture of a lorry blown over in high winds on the A1. He just kept saying he couldn t find his phone which had lots of pictures of his family on it. I told him not to worry about that, the only thing he needed to do was get out. Thankfully I managed to get him out. But just as Martin was leading the man to safety, another lorry behind them was blown over, too. Martin said: I didn t think twice. It like being in slow motion. Once Martin Hamilton had made sure the driver was safe he took a picture of a lorry being righted after being blown over in high winds on the A1. When the second lorry blew over it made an almighty crash so I ran about 100 yards to that HGV to see if the driver was ok. I think he was in shock too but I managed to get him out. The emergency services then arrived and shut the road until mid-afternoon. Both ambulance and fire brigade teams praised the Hitchin trucker for his actions. But modest Martin, who drives for Origin Global in High Wycombe, said: I m not a hero. Anyone would have done what I did. I m just glad the drivers were ok. References ^ Layth Yousif (

coastrider: KEELA Road Runner cycling trousers; Commuting kit …

It`s nearly mid winter here and for most folks it`s dark commuting into, and returning from work… It`s not so bad if it`s high pressure weather with clear skies and red skies and long shadows. or snow like 5 years ago when we had the last White Christmas. But this December here has mostly been mild, damp and overcast with grey laden skies… I am lucky to be outdoors in daylight weather permitting but still love cycling to work even in the depths of winter, You arrive at work buzzing from exercising and your head is clear and your ready for the day ahead as already decided what to do having been out in the weather, and after a days work and riding home you unwind and switch off… I pass loads of cars and many of the drivers look miserable… If you see a guy on a bike in a orange top grinning like a daftie near Whitekirk then it`s me!, and i am happy to be out in touch with the weather, the conditions, wildlife, and getting some exercise 🙂 Gearing up to commute by bike… Waterproof cycling clothing has only been needed for a few commutes here in East Lothian despite the UK News reports of heavy rain and widespread flooding etc, And commuting in even the most breathable waterproof clothing results in damp and sweaty base layers even after a modest 4 mile commute if the temperature is at all mild. DWR Softshell to the rescue!; This is where soft shell clothing with a DWR coating for light rain showers comes in. The material is breathable and quick drying and as long as your not wearing a cotton base layer that will get damp and take a while to dry (i find a thin Merino wool layer can be kept on once at work and as well as warm dries quickly with body heat) then you can regulate heat better with softshell clothing… KEELA Clothing; KEELA [1] Clothing is a Scottish clothing company which manufacturers outdoor clothing used by the British Military forces, Mountain rescue and Emergency services and has a proven track record of excellent quality, and your not paying for a designer brand name like most Outdoor clothing companies… Over the 7 years of blogging you will have seen my references to the excellent KEELA soft shell multi purpose outdoor KEELA Scuffer [2] trouser that lends itself to being a great cycling and general use outdoors trouser… And it is!, i wear these daily at work and only when wet do these trousers sag a bit and the crotch and legs around the calf sag a bit and can catch on the saddle and drive train… So imagine if KEELA were to make a trouser the same but in a cycling cut? well they have now for a year now!, and i recently bought a pair and think i have indeed found the perfect soft shell cycling trouser having been wearing these commuting and cycling off road for the last month, Named the Roadrunner these are the perfect cut for cycling with all the same features of the famous Scuffer trouser with an added reflective strip on the rear of each calf. And these are a bargin at 63!… [3] Really impressed with these trousers which have completed a perfect commuting clothing set up… The orange top is An Altura `Night Vision Soft shell top, And that top along with the KEELA Roadrunner trousers… SealSkinz gloves and Ron Hill Running skull cap is a comfortable quick drying ideal set up… The top layer Altura top with a Merino long sleeve top and T shirt if needed is perfect… And Shimano MT91 Gore Tex Boots makes the perfect clothing set up for dry to damp conditions… On the bike… Two front lights already reviewed Here… [4] And two rear lights, one steady, one flashing… And a waterproof old Karrimor pannier with Altura Night Vision Trousers and a Craft 100% waterproof Jacket take care of the heaviest rain in cold conditions… If you cannot see me with this lot on then you should not be on the road!… KEELA Roadrunners Off road… And these new trousers are also my off road cycling trousers and they have proved perfect in the last months off road cycling on the coast. No reason they will also last as long as the Scuffer trousers i have used for over 5 years now… I also have been wearing the Altura Night Vision soft shell top but it`s a bit loud! and i think i will buy another in a more muted colour!… More soon… References ^ KEELA ( ^ KEELA Scuffer ( ^ Roadrunner ( ^ Here… (