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Ingenuity Meets Design: First State Manufacturing (US) and FISA …

MILFORD, Del. , Sept. 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — The new company formed by First State Manufacturing, Inc., (FSM) and FISA Italy (FISA) is called F Seating and is designed to integrate the custom cut and sew upholstery performed by FSM in the United States with the European design engineering style manufactured by FISA in Italy . F Seating will provide the commercial seating industry with a unique blend of form, fit, function and style positioning both partners to better serve a growing mass transit need throughout the world. Logo – [1] F Seating will offer one stop shopping for complete seat assemblies from the seat frame to the cushions and their upholstered covers. The company will offer seating for passengers and drivers on a variety of platforms including rail, truck, bus and aircraft. Initial standard designs are currently in production and will be ready for market by 2017. Mass Transit is a growing industry with a constant demand for products to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers. As high speed rail continues to expand throughout the world, F Seating will serve existing markets as well as the growth areas anticipated in the United States , China , Europe and Japan . “F Seating has a streamlined purchasing system making it possible for purchasing agents and contracting officers to work with one company from the beginning to end of the seat assembly system making purchasing easier for the end user and providing cost savings due to realized efficiencies,” said Scott Crothers Vice President of Marketing and Contract Administration for FSM. “F Seating offers the ability to comply with either U.S. or European safety standards that makes purchasing simple for the end user,” continued Mr. Crothers. “In addition, F Seating provides continued standards of quality and customer service that both companies provide their current customers.” Mr. Luca Giantin , Marketing Director for FISA said, “This venture brings two very solid companies with fine reputations together to serve a market that is beginning to request quotes for complete seat assemblies rather than components. F Seating business philosophy of Italian design combined with American ingenuity will allow us to accommodate these requests with new and exciting products for the industry. In addition, our business model will allow for the flexibility of manufacturing in the market best suited for production, allowing us to capture savings for the markets we now serve separately under our own brands. ” F Seating will be represented by both Mr. Crothers and Mr. Giantin at the International Trade Fair for Transport Technology Innotrans 2016 in Berlin in September 2016 , at the FISA Italy booth in Hall 1.1/311. To learn more about F Seating visit either the First State Manufacturing website [2] , or FISA Italy website [3] or contact 302 424 4520 (US) 39 0432 986 071 ( Italy ). This content was issued through the press release distribution service at For more info visit: [4] SOURCE First State Manufacturing, Inc. References ^ ( ^ ( ^ ( ^ (

Digger driver at centre of Ben Needham police probe was successful businessman who ‘knew everyone on the island’

The digger driver suspected of killing Ben Needham [1] was a wealthy businessman protected by a code of silence for 25 years, it is feared. Konstantinos Dino Barkas had a network of contacts all over Kos, the Mirror can reveal. Dino, who died of cirrhosis last year aged 62, was initially quizzed about Ben s disappearance and told police [2] he would chop his arms off so he could never drive again if he had killed 21-month-old Ben. But it is now feared these were hollow words and that he was able to hide a dark secret because he was so well connected on the Greek island where the toddler went missing in 1991. Read More John Alevroyiannis/Daily Mirror Digger driver Kostantinos Barkas A close friend of the Barkas family, who asked not to be identified, said: Everyone on Kos and I mean everyone knew Dino. The owner of a cafe in nearby Kos Town said: He was a very well-known figure in the business community. “He was a very successful businessman involved in the building of many hotels on the island. Despite owning the company he was a very hard worker and didn t mind getting his hands dirty. But he also loved his drink [3] and was a well-known womaniser. Read More Ben Needham has been missing for 25 years Ben s mum Kerry Needham said it would make sense if Dino had people protecting him. Kerry, from Sheffield, said: I thought he was just a poor digger driver, I had no idea he was so connected. “I m now starting to worry there has been a conspiracy of silence around him all these years. I think he was being protected which stopped people coming forward in 25 years. “But now I would appeal to them, to think of my family and the pain we suffered. John Alevroyiannis/Daily Mirror Kostantinos Barkas knew everyone on the island Please, stop being scared and help us find out exactly what happened to my son. Please come forward. Dino was widely known to be a heavy drinker, raising questions over whether he may have been drunk while operating heavy machinery. Despite his wealth Dino spent many days in the cab of his huge digger. He was clearing access for a delivery of concrete on the day Ben went missing, on a building site just 100 yards from the farmhouse where the toddler was playing in the village of Iraklis. When quizzed by the Daily Mirror in 2012 he said: Yes, I was the man with the JCB that day. John Alevroyiannis/Daily Mirror His son Valandis Barkas Loads of earth were being taken to clear the ground for the new house down the road. I think people were misled in thinking the child was abducted. Could there have been an accident? “I don t think so, but no one really knows what happened. But Dino later insisted to his close family that Ben had been abducted. It has been claimed Ben could have been killed in an accident but his body then removed from the scene and buried elsewhere. British police have been looking into the timetable of events leading up to Ben s disappearance. John Alevroyiannis/Daily Mirror Kostantinos Barkas’ grave After Dino s death last year a new witness told police there were two areas of land where building waste had been dumped by Dino which had never been searched. South Yorkshire Police [4] are now due to dig on Kos for a second time. The force confirmed officers will be travelling to Kos this month to work with Greek authorities and start digs at two new sites. Det Supt Matt Fenwick, leading the investigation, said: There will be planned operational activity at two locations on the island that have been identified as areas of interest to the investigation. “We continue to keep an open mind and have updated Ben s family about certain lines of enquiry we re currently exploring. North Downs Picture Agency Konstantinos Barkas A dedicated policing team continues to work extremely hard to find answers for his family and keep them fully informed and supported throughout the investigation. Kerry understands there is a statute of limitations of 20 years in Greek law, and does not believe there will ever be a prosecution for Ben s disappearance or death. Many islanders have reportedly long believed an accident involving construction machinery was the most credible explanation for Ben s disappearance. Shopkeeper Xanthippi Aggrelli, 63, was at school with Dino and got to know the Needhams when she volunteered as their translator in 1991. She told the Mirror: When it happened people were saying that something terrible has happened to the baby boy; some said the truck smashed into him. Daily Mirror Ben Needham vanished in 1991 There was a big Caterpillar truck and a digger. It was the baby s curiosity; he was going there to see. “We heard from many people that it was an accident. It was thought the body was hidden and that is why Ben has never been found. But Dino s family defended him. Son Valandis Barkas, 29, said: My dad lived his life with this hanging over him and I cannot believe they are still hounding him even after his death. “He had nothing to do with Ben s disappearance. Towards the end he was a very ill man, and he was very concerned and worried about everything to do with Ben coming back. It upset him a lot. Andy Stenning/Daily Mirror Kerry Needham and her mother Christine My mother is very, very tired. She lost her husband and now she has to go through all this. “When the British police came here he went up there to the site to help them. “He told them they could look as much as they want but they would not find the little boy there. As far as I know the boy was abducted. That s what my dad always said and that s what our family still believe today. “My father was a very good, honest man. My dad always told the police and prosecutors that there wasn t an accident. Adam Gerrard/Daily Mirror Kerry Needham has been left devastated by the latest development He said the boy was taken away and almost certainly taken to Athens. He added: I hope that Ben is still alive. As a father myself I cannot imagine what his mother is going through. He said his father died from cirrhosis of the liver after suffering from intestinal problems for some time. Dino s brother Ioannis branded the renewed investigation disgusting . He said: My brother is dead he cannot defend himself. Why don t they let his soul rest in peace. I don t understand why they are still chasing Dino. Are they going to take a dead man in to court? Ben Needham References ^ Ben Needham ( ^ police ( ^ drink ( ^ South Yorkshire Police (

Cops have Land Rover stripped bare by thieves

Police chiefs who warned Land Rover owners about a spate of thefts were left red-faced – when their own 4×4 was stripped bare by crooks. To make matters worse for Leicestershire Police [1] , the brazen crime happened outside one of their own stations. The 50,000 Land Rover Defender – painted in police markings – was stripped of its bonnet and all four doors by the thieves. Criminals have been targeting the iconic 4x4s for parts to sell online since they went out of production in January. Officers had recently warned locals in Market Bosworth about the spate of UK-wide thefts. Read More Google Red-faced cops had parked the Land Rover outside Market Bosworth police station So residents were stunned to spot the force s Defender minus its doors and bonnet outside the town s police station last week. Red-faced bosses ordered the 65-plate vehicle – on loan from a local dealership – to be taken away onto a tow-truck. Emma Burton, who lives in nearby Newbold Verdon, Leics, was driving to work when she spotted the Defender. She said: I saw the back first and there was a police officer stood with it and I thought the back door was open. But then when I got closer I realised it was missing completely along with all the other doors and bonnet. The officer seemed a bit embarrassed. It was literally parked up on the road outside the police station. Read More It is quite a problem around here. There was one stolen from a nearby village and found a few days later in a yard. Someone else had their old Defender stripped completely. People sell them for parts because there is a big demand. Some people think the police don t take it seriously when they report their Land Rover has been stripped. Hopefully they will now it has happened to their own 4×4, added Emma, 23. The Defender was loaned to Leicestershire Police by Sturgess Land Rover last summer to help tackle rural crime. Local beat officer PC Rob Cross said at the time he hoped the vehicle would show residents that police take it seriously . References ^ Leicestershire Police (

Drivers’ Fuel Challenge puts the world’s most efficient truck drivers to the test

28 finalists from around the world competed for the title World s most fuel efficient driver in Volvo Trucks Drivers Fuel Challenge 2016. The winner was Tom Hor i ka from the Czech Republic. In this year s challenge competitors were evaluated on both fuel savings and time, setting a high bar for the drivers skills as well as for the trucks.

On Friday 9 September, 28 truck drivers from all over the world gathered at Volvo Trucks test track in Gothenburg, Sweden to participate in the Drivers Fuel Challenge. The competition consists of driving a Volvo FH around the 6.9 km long track while using as little fuel as possible. This year s set up also included a twist: participants that managed to complete the course with time to spare were given extra points.

Meeting delivery deadlines is critical for today s transport companies. By including time constraints, the skills to prove in the Drivers Fuel Challenge are even more practical and relevant to the driver s day-to-day work. To win, the driver needs to drive in an exceptionally well-planned, forward-looking and fuel-efficient way, says Ricard Fritz, Senior Vice President, Product and Vehicle Sales, Volvo Trucks.

To succeed the drivers needed to achieve a high average speed while keeping fuel consumption to a minimum, which was made possible thanks to a Volvo FH equipped with the recently enhanced powertrain. Our updated powertrain enables the engine and gearbox to utilise their full combined potential to deliver even more efficient transportations, says Mats Franz n, Product Manager Powertrain Components Engines at Volvo Trucks. Fuel accounts for around a third of a transport company s costs.

That is why Volvo Trucks works continuously to meet the customer s growing needs for fuel-efficient transport. But to be a truly fuel-efficient transport company, a modern truck is not enough; a good driver is a necessity. For this reason Volvo Trucks puts strong emphasis on vehicle handovers and professional driver training.

Through the Drivers Fuel Challenge we want to show the difference a good driver makes. A fuel-efficient driver can make a substantial difference and save as much as ten per cent in fuel costs. In the long run, that means huge cost savings for transport companies.

And I am truly impressed by how well the drivers utilised the potential and techniques of the trucks, says Lene Larsen, Project Manager, The Drivers Fuel Challenge, Volvo Trucks. Clinching a spot at the Drivers Fuel Challenge 2016 final was no small feat. The 28 competing drivers in the global final qualified through national and regional Drivers Fuel Challenge competitions held across the world, which involved over 12,000 drivers.

Of the 28 participant in this year s Drivers Fuel Challenge, Stanislav Martynov from Russia, Emir Salihovi from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tom Hor i ka from the Czech Republic and Kjetil Dale from Norway made it to the grand final. In the end, it was Tom Hor i ka who brought home the title. Winning The Drivers Fuel Challenge means the world to me.

And since I am both a truck driver and a company owner, I know how important fuel-efficient driving really is. says Tom Hor i ka. Along with the title of world s most fuel efficient truck driver , the winner also received a VIP-trip for two to a Formula 1 race of their choice, where they will gain unique insights into the F1 racing world.

How the Drivers Fuel Challenge works From 42 participating countries, 28 drivers qualified for the Drivers Fuel Challenge global final. The competing drivers had 12 minutes and 30 seconds to drive a Volvo FH truck around the 6.9 km long competition course. The main goal was to use as little fuel as possible.

Additionally, bonus points were given to the drivers that finished the course in the shortest amount of time. Factoring in time in the overall results, ensured that it became even more important to keep high average speed. Facts about the winner: Name: Tom Hor i ka Age: 34 Nationality: Czech Occupation: Tom Hor i ka Result: Fuel (litres): 2,90.

Time: 10:40.

Fuel with bonus (litres): 2,04.

A selection of Volvo Trucks recent fuel-efficiency efforts: Presentation of the Volvo Concept Truck which uses 30 per cent less fuel Enhanced Euro 6 engine Improved aerodynamic design of the Volvo FH cab Weight reductions on the Volvo FH and FM I-Shift with crawler gears offers an outstanding startability for heavy haulage and in severe conditions and increased fuel efficiency Tandem Axle Lift, which allows the second driven axle to be disengaged and raised when not fully loaded in order to reduce fuel consumption

Woman dies in freak tragedy ‘after getting caught in automatic garage door while visiting friend’

A middle-aged woman has died in front of her horrified friend after reportedly getting caught in an electric garage door. The victim, understood to be in her 30s, is believed to have been visiting her female pal in Cambridge at the time of the tragedy. She is thought to have got into difficulty while accessing the automatic rolling shutters to a private parking basement [1] last night. Paramedics [2] were called to the Ruth Bagnall Court apartment complex in Coleridge Road after the distraught friend began screaming for help. The victim, who was found ‘hanging’ off the ground, was pronounced dead at the scene. The woman died in front of her horrified friend after reportedly getting caught in an electric garage door It is currently unclear whether she was leaving or entering the car park when the disaster occurred at around 7pm. Today, shaken residents described how they saw the woman’s feet dangling off the ground after hearing her friend’s screams. One woman, who lives in the block but does not wish to be named, said: “I came outside because I saw the woman crying. Read More “I said ‘what’s the matter?’ and she said something had happened and she needed help. “I went to look in the garage and saw her legs hanging. It was not a sight to want to remember. It was horrific and I’m doing my best to forget it.” A man, who also lives at the site, said: “I do not think she lived here. She was visiting a friend I believe. The middle-aged victim is believed to have been visiting her female pal at the time of the tragedy “She was hanging, that’s all I saw. It is a horrible situation. I saw it and it wasn’t nice.” The woman’s friend is believed to live at the four-storey black, which houses 72 flats. The complex was built in 2004 as part of a 10.5million housing scheme to provide housing for key workers such as teachers and fire fighters. Read More Following their completion, the block was named after former Cambridge Labour councillor Ruth Bagnall, 38, who died from breast cancer in April 2004 after devoting her career to housing issues. Most of the flats are now privately owned and are worth around 190,000, and many are rented out to private tenants who pay around 800-per-month in rent. The block is managed by housing company Luminus. The woman is thought to have got into difficulty while accessing the automatic rolling shutters Today, residents claimed the firm were slow at fixing problems. One man added: “I have lived here for five years and that door is always breaking. There is an automatic key fob that sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. “I don’t know how she got into trouble but the door is automatic and is supposed to stop when it catches on something for safety purposes.” Read More Another woman, who does not wish to be named, said: “I’ve been here for three years and there’s always problems. “The garage door to the car parking is always breaking, so are the doors to the block of flats and people are always stealing bikes.” The complex was built in 2004 as part of a 10.5million housing scheme The emergency services, including police, paramedics, firefighters and an air ambulance, were called to the scene following the tragedy. A Cambridgeshire Police spokesman said: “We were called to reports of a sudden death of a woman in Ruth Bagnall Court, Coleridge Road, Cambridge at about 7.30pm on Sunday. “The incident has been referred to the Health and Safety Executive.” A spokesman for East of England Ambulance Service, said: “We were called at 7.25pm on Sunday after reports of a woman unconscious and not breathing. “Sadly there was nothing that could be done for the patient and she died at the scene. “The woman is believed to be in her 40s.” Mirror Online has contacted Luminus for comment. References ^ parking basement ( ^ Paramedics (

The trailer and van specialist

The trailer and van specialist 16 September 2016 West-Tranz LTD supplies quality used trailers and vans, which are sourced only from reliable and reputable dealers in the UK. Established in 2012, West-Tranz LTD specialises in the sale of used trailers and light commercials as well as trailer refurbishing, shot-blasting and painting. Lee McKinney explains more about what his Portadown-based company has to offer. Over the past three years, West-Tranz LTD has earned a reputation for supplying top quality used trailers, light commercials, heavy plant and machines to the Irish market. Sourcing most of his trailers and vehicles from the UK where he now has an outlet in Warrington, Lee carries an extensive range of stock at his yard in Portadown and has a growing customer-base both north and south of the border. Lee can locate the trailer or van that you require in the unlikely event of it not being already in stock. When you buy from West-Tranz LTD, you can rest assure the trailer / vehicle comes fully serviced, is in perfect working order and is in pristine condition. Lee stands over everything he sells! We sell mostly trailers, small vans and the occasional truck, he explains. I had worked in the transport business for many years before seeing a gap in the market for second hand trailer and light commercial sales. Through word of mouth, advertising on the DoneDeal website and our own Facebook page, we have attracted a lot of customers and made many sales in Ireland and the UK. My background in the road haulage business and the contacts I made through it, has also earned me a fair bit of business. West-Tranz LTD supplies quality used trailers and vans, which are sourced only from reliable and reputable dealers in the UK, at the most competitive prices. Lee takes great pride in being able to offer his customers a professional, prompt, reliable and friendly service. The company can supply any type of trailer from the top manufacturers, including Fruehauf, SDC, Krone, Grey & Adams, Chereau, Schmitz and Humbaur. So whether it s a curtain sider, tipper, Euroliner or refrigerated unit you re after, Lee has the trailer for you. By sourcing our trailers in the UK, we are able to offer our customers terrific value for money. There are 20 times more trailers over there than there is in Ireland, so the choice and variety is far greater. As with the vans, the trailers we bring in from the UK tend to be in better condition than those in Ireland, and with the back-up we provide, the customer can t really go wrong by buying for us, he says. West-Tranz LTD has also made its mark in the light commercial sales sector, offering customers a huge selection of used vans which cater for the needs of every driver. Vans from all the well-known brands are available for you to drive away from Lee s yard, including iconic models from the likes of Volkswagen, Peugeot, Ford and Renault. We are only too happy for our customers to call into us, sit in the van they have their eye on and test it out. We want to make sure the van meets their needs and is to their exact specification before they commit to buying, Lee continues. All vans Lee sells are serviced and checked by John Corry Motors in Portadown. Lee has struck up an excellent working relationship with the garage which offers MOT and PSV preparation services in addition to vehicle servicing, repair services, full diagnostic services, electrical work, headlight alignment and steam cleaning. There is more to West-Tranz LTD than just sales. Lee and his team of dedicated staff can also refurbish trailers and supply new curtain and doors for trailers. The modern workshop also offers shot-blasting and painting services for trailers and alloys. Shot-blasting is a method used to strengthen and polish metal. In his spare time, Lee likes nothing better than taking his 13-year-old son Jake to truck shows such as Mondello in Co. Kildare and Full of the Pipe in Cavan. He says: Jake reminds me a bit of myself when I was that age. He loves the trucks. My uncle had a truck and my interest in them grew from there. The affable managing concludes by saying: I would like to take this opportunity to thank my customers for their support. The first three years have gone really well; we are making sales every week and are attracting new customers. We strive at all times to offer customers a service and product that is second to none. West-Tranz LTD 180 Markethill Road, Portadown, Co, Armagh BT 623SL Telephone: +44 7445 122222 [1] Taken from I rish Trucker & Light Commercials magazine, Vol 18 N o 10, December 2015/January 2016 [2] References ^ +44 7445 122222 ( ^ rish Trucker & Light Commercials magazine, Vol 18 No 10, December 2015/January 2016 (

Value for money guaranteed at Ian Dunne Tyre Services

Value for money guaranteed at Ian Dunne Tyre Services 16 September 2016 Started from humble beginnings 22 years ago, the name Ian Dunne Tyre Services is synonymous with a high standard of service throughout the Midlands. Irish Trucker caught up with proprietor Ian Dunne to trace the roots of the business and find out what separates the services he offers from his competitors. Tyres are expensive pieces of equipment. Engineered and built with massive strength to support today s equipment, they are expect to carry ever increasing heavier loads at higher speeds and over longer distances than ever before. Years of research and development have resulted in tyres that can offer long service lives under these conditions. New, tougher, higher quality components have improved durability. Improved rubber technology has helped to improve carcass durability, tread wear and hazard resistance ability. Still, there is a limit to the abuse and punishment any tyre will take. Too many end up on a scrap pile because operators ignore common sense driving and operational practices. Ian Dunne’s experience of commerical and agricultural vehicle tyres stretches back over three decades and he enjoys a very close working relationship with a network of loyal customers in his catchment area of Laois, Offaly, Westmeath and Kildare. Having served his time, he took the decision to go out on his own back in the early nineties, setting up Ian Dunne Tyre Services in March 1993, and it’s fair to say that he hasn’t looked back since. It is very important that tyres are serviced regularly for both your own and other road users safety and Ian’s workload keeps him busy. As part of his comprehensive service, he also stocks a wide range of quality truck and agricultural tyres to match everyones budget where it is a small truck, tipper or arctic. In addition, for added peace of mind, he provides an emergency 24-hour breakdown service 365 days of the year. He will reach you as soon as possible and with a fully equipped van he ll be able to fix or replace your tyres at the roadside. His promises is to get you back on the move as quickly as he can. Business has not been too bad this year, Ian outlined, it’s like everything else, you have your good weeks and your bad weeks. I’ve been ticking along nicely. I specialise in truck and agricultural tyres and breakdowns and cover Laois and Offaly and a little bit of Westmeath and Kildare. I do lorry tyres and tractor tyres along with diggers, JCBs, forklifts and every other tyre except cars, vans and bikes. Good value and good wear is guaranteed. A one man operation, Ian above all else endeavours to ensure that every customer he deals with is 100% satisfied. If there is any problem, large or small, he has always tried to resolve it to the best of his ability to the customer s satisfaction. Ian is a man of his word and that is why is reputation for reliability has spread far and wide. Reliability is the name of this game and you have to always tell the truth. If you tell someone you’ll be there in half an hour you better be there in half an hour. Customers won’t be too long in going to look elsewhere if you are not up front with them. It’s a competitive business down around here but I’m fortunate to have a lot of repeat customers, approximately thirty to forty, so they are obviously happy with the service I offer them. Word of mouth helps generate a lot of business too so I’m thankful to my customers for their support. Having embraced new technologies and catered for the needs of his customers, Ian Dunne takes pride in his philosophy in providing excellent customer service at all times. Looking to the future and not content to rest on his laurels, he has ambitions to expand the business as long as it continues on it’s current upward trajectory. There are challenges to overcome such as getting paid on time while the long hours involved can also be a challenge. With the breakdown service you could be getting a call at 4 or 5 in the morning and you could be out until 10 to 11 at night. I used to employ another man and if business continues the way it is I will be looking to take on someone in the future. As of now, I’ll keep going as I’m going and see what happens. Ian’s aim is to exceed his customers’ needs and expectations and ensure they are completely satisfied. Customers can be assured of honest value for money. Now that the winter weather has set in, it is the time for the transport industry to equip its fleets with suitable winter tyres. Give Ian a call to find out how he can help you get the most out of your tyres. Ian Dunne Tyre Services Kilcavan Geashill Co Offaly Tel: 086 8511633 Taken from I rish Trucker & Light Commercials magazine, Vol 18 N o 10, December 2015/January 2016 [1] References ^ rish Trucker & Light Commercials magazine, Vol 18 No 10, December 2015/January 2016 (

TruckServices ProFleet Connect: Knorr-Bremse’s telematics solution for commercial vehicles

Knorr-Bremse, the world s leading manufacturer of braking systems for commercial vehicles, is to enter into a partnership with UK-based telematics provider Microlise. Together they will be introducing a modular telematics system across Europe. Vehicle operators stand to benefit from extensive safety functions, better vehicle planning and live coaching sessions for drivers. As Dr. Peter Laier, Member of the Executive Board of Knorr-Bremse AG responsible for the Commercial Vehicle Systems division explains: In the future, the individual truck will increasingly become part of an overarching logistics system. Connectivity at multiple levels can lead to a marked improvement in the efficiency of each individual vehicle. With TruckServices ProFleet Connect, we are offering more than just a link between the vehicle and the fleet management system. We are delivering smart services which, based on the collected data, offer added value for fleet operators and drivers alike. And our telematics solution is not only modular, it s also compatible with any make of vehicle. In Microlise we have found a partner who already has working relationships with a whole series of vehicle manufacturers and together with whom we are going to launch our range of attractive products and services for the transport management sector in Europe. Knorr-Bremse TruckServices ProFleet Connect will initially be offering seven packages of products and services. The basic package ensures that a vehicle operator can tell which route their trucks have taken and where they are at any given moment. This package also enables driving characteristics to be evaluated, providing sound foundations for driver training. The six other modules build on the basic package: DriverPlus supports the driver with integrated telephone and navigation functions, and remote download of tachograph information. It also enables job data and route changes to be communicated. SafetyPlus provides instant feedback on safety incidents, such as emergency braking, and stores information about what happened 30 seconds before and after an incident. LogisticsPlus enables real-time tracking of deliveries and if necessary can interface directly with the customer s ERP software to exchange the relevant data. DeliveryPlus provides the basis for documentation of a shipment from start to finish, including photographic evidence of the condition of the freight when picked up and delivered, with dispatch and arrival times. DiagnosticsPlus supplies current vehicle data and delivers status reports. This way, fleet managers can respond in good time if a specific parameter is outside the normal limits. MonitorPlus extends the data package provided by DiagnosticsPlus. From tire pressure to door and temperature sensors in a refrigerated semitrailer, MonitorPlus records all available parameters as required, showing a customer, for example, that the cold chain has never been broken. According to Wolfgang Krinner, Member of the Management Board of Knorr-Bremse Systeme fu r Nutzfahrzeuge: With our telematics solution, vehicle operators can cut costs in several respects, for example by saving fuel, reducing administrative cost and effort or optimizing their driver training. Above all, though, they can bring about a huge improvement in the safety of their drivers and vehicles, and in their quality assurance. TruckServices ProFleet Connect will be launched in 2017 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, before being gradually rolled out across Europe in subsequent years. Knorr-Bremse officially launched the new TruckServices brand at the 2016 automechanika trade fair. TruckServices brings together the full range of the company s aftermarket services, complementing its activities in the original equipment sector. With the gradual expansion of its portfolio, Knorr-Bremse TruckServices is underpinning its claim to provide reliable, economical solutions for diagnostic, maintenance and repair work on commercial vehicles of any type, age or make. Dealers, workshops and fleet managers stand to benefit from these needs-based solutions, as well as from efficient, international parts logistics, plus access to Knorr-Bremse s extensive product and services expertise in the form of online services, training courses and customized advice. In this context, TruckServices works closely with the multi-brand workshop network Alltrucks, successfully established by Knorr-Bremse in collaboration with Bosch and ZF. With currently more than 200 Alltrucks workshops in five European countries, the network offers a comprehensive portfolio of maintenance and repair services for all makes of commercial vehicle. *Automotive World is not responsible for the content of this news release.