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Warning over 'people exploring' the drained reservoir and fractured dam at Whaley Bridge after the flood alert

An urgent warning has been issued after reports of people ‘exploring’ the damaged dam and drained reservoir at Whaley Bridge.
Fire chiefs said they risk getting trapped and severe injury.
Millions of gallons of water was pumped out of Toddbrook Reservo…

Thousands of fish from Toddbrook Reservoir are going to be rehomed… nearly 100 miles away

A ‘major fish rescue’ is underway at Toddbrook Reservoir.
Millions of gallons of water have been pumped out of the Whaley Bridge reservoir to ease pressure on the crumbling dam wall.
That’s meant the water level is now at about 10 per cent of its usual…

Thomas Cook flight from Manchester Airport to San Francisco forced to turn round due to 'technical issue'

A Thomas Cook flight from Manchester was diverted back to the airport on Monday afternoon due to a technical problem with the aircraft.
Fire engines were called to the runway as a precaution after the San Francisco-bound plane, which left at 2pm on Mon…

Lorry driver killed motorist with 42-ton truck after going through red lights 19 SECONDS after they'd changed

A lorry driver killed a motorist with his 42-ton truck after he jumped a red light when he became distracted whilst legally using his mobile phone as a sat-nav.
William Wright, 24, had placed the device on the dashboard of his Mercedes truck with the e…