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You could have this Cornish woman's £1.2million French chateau for £10

A woman from Cornwall is offering her 350-year-old £1.2m French chateau as a competition prize – for just £10.Ruth Phillips, 61, owns Chateau de Cautine, which boasts nine bedrooms, a 12m swimming pool and 30 acres of land.But now the property will be …


Our Coast's History: Crew of the Bedfordshire

Ocracoke School Senior Lupita Martinez reads Friday the names of the fallen H.M.T. Bedfordshire sailors. U.S. Coast Guard and representatives from the Royal Canadian Navy and British Royal Navy attended. Photo: Connie Leinbach, Ocracoke Observer



England's fly-tipped rubbish 'could stretch from London to Moscow'

The amount of rubbish fly-tipped across England each year could stretch from London to Moscow, council leaders have warned.
The cost to taxpayers of clearing up fly-tipping rose to more than £57 million last year, up 13%, the Local Government Associati…