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Police arrest driver of 44-ton lorry on suspicion of being nearly FIVE times the drink-drive limit


The truck driver was arrested by police in Devon on suspicion of drink driving
Police claim that the reading showed he was nearly five times the legal limit
The officers said: ‘He blew nearly five times the limit. So lucky nob…


Gypsies arrive in Gloucester park and tell us how much they love the city

A Romani gypsy from the large camp that has pitched up in a Gloucester park says his family loves staying in the area.
Earlier today 10 adults and six children from the Price family brought three caravans, three trucks, six chickens and four dogs onto …


Transport boss who helped truck £14million of cocaine into the UK sets up HGV driving course in prison

A jailed transport boss who helped to truck £14million of cocaine into the UK is setting upan HGV driving course in prison.
Smuggler Peter Hannigan’s scheme is being backed by Kickstart2Employment, a training provider that helps people land jobs.
But a…