Why two of The Beatles came to Chepstow

NEW York Times bestselling author Richard Buskin recently shared on his Facebook page Buskin with The Beatles this story of two of The Beatles on a hitchhiking holiday in 1959.The trip took Paul McCartney and George Harrison to Chepstow as they tr…

Volvo sends five new buses to South Wales

Volvo Buses sold new stock to two different coach operators in South Wales in the month of August.

Edwards Coaches receives four new Volvo buses
Edwards Coaches, one of the biggest coach operators in South Wales, has purchased four new Volvo MCV eVoR…

Volvo handles the logistics for K1

Volvo Trucks has taken an order for eight FH Globetrotter trucks, which leads its fleet round-up for August.

K1 Logistics spends big in its first ever Volvo Trucks order
South Wales transport and haulage company K1 Logistics has placed its first ever…