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Kinch recovers from strongman scare

Mitch Kinch, who placed second in the Strongest Man in Atlantic Canada competition, makes the atlas stones look easy. Kinch is hoping to move up a notch during the Strongest Man in P.E.I. competition July 26 in Alberton. – Eric McCarthy



Michelin takes action for traction

Michelin is launching what it calls “its most aggressive drive-axle tire” in the Michelin X Works Grip D tire, made specifically for energy-sector and logging fleets operating in extreme conditions . In fact, truck operators and dealers in the Grande P…


Driver training in the spotlight

REGINA, Sask. — The call for a mandatory entry-level driver training program is nothing new for the trucking industry.
The recent tragedy that struck the community of Humboldt, Sask., has shined a light on programs like Ontario’s Mandatory Entry-Level …


Ontario crash stats a disappointment

In early April, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) released statistics for fatal collisions on roadways it patrolled in 2017.
The stats indicated the OPP responded to 68,794 collisions in 2017, 304 of which were fatal. This marked the highest number o…


Six types of speed cameras and what they are for

Speed cameras are a recognisable part of the Cornish[1] landscape.
First introduced more than two decades ago, the big yellow Gatso is instantly recognisable, visible from afar and always signposted – yet drivers still manage to get caught by them.