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Blood, bullets and bodies: Britain ready for TERROR as 'cops raid bank after lorry attack'


TERROR ATTACK: Britain readies for the ISIS threat with a series of major drills in Scotland

Cops clad in body-armor and wearing all-black were pictures moving through the grounds of the bank’s HQ in Edinburgh.

Counter-terror cops dashed across the grass amid smoke and scattered bodies.

The armed officers hunkered behind comrades carrying riot shields and protected paramedics tending to the dead and wounded.

Terrorists had driven a lorry into the building and launched a brutal attack – eerily reminiscent of the jihadi onslaughts on Westminster and London Bridge.

This terror drill was part of a three-exercise called Border Reiver, as Britain’s terror level remains “severe” – meaning an attack is “high likely”.

Blood, bullets and bodies: Britain launches MASSIVE terror drill


Police forces in Scotland and England are taking part in a major counter terrorism exercise to test the response of emergency services to a cross-border incident.
Police officers taking part in a counter-terrorism exercise responding to a scenario simulating a vehicle attack

“They’re using vehicles, they’re using knives and bladed weapons, but the impact is high and the casualties are high”

Mr Higgins

Police and paramedics were training to tackle terrorist attacks in joint response with officers from England and Scotland.

Pictures showed armoured-paramedics helping people covered in blood, ferrying them out on stretchers.

One man was mocked up with devastating injuries, appeared to have been scalped and having his leg torn-off.

Officials have said the “live-play scenario” is not in response to any specific threat.

But it comes after a wave of terror attacks in the UK, with five incidents in Britain this year alone and at least seven foiled plots.


RIOT SHIELDS: Two-man teams of armed cops stormed the scene of the attack


READY AND ABLE: Terror cops were put through their paces in the huge drill in Edinburgh

Police Scotland Assistant Chief Constable Bernard Higgins said training needs to respond to the change in high-casualty attacks by small groups with vehicles and weapons.

He said: “We’ve seen a number of terrorist incidents within the UK which sadly led to a lot of fatalities. We’ve moved to a threat level of critical on two occasions.

“As these things have occurred so have our plans evolved to try and recreate the threat that we believe exists within the UK.”

2017: A year of TERROR on Britain’s streets?


2017 has seen an unprecedented 34 people die, and 218 people injured in three separate attacks by Islamist extremists on British soil. Could 2017 be a year of terror?
AFP/Getty Images
3rd June, London Bridge: an attacker wearing a fake suicide vest lies on the ground after being shot by police

Mr Higgins added: “What we’ve seen in recent times – particularly in the UK – it’s low sophistication, it’s small numbers of people, often lone actors.

“They’re using vehicles, they’re using knives and bladed weapons, but the impact is high and the casualties are high.”

He said: “This is an exercise – it’s not because we know something is going to happen or we believe something is going to happen. There is absolutely no intelligence to suggest that Scotland is going to be a specific target of terrorism at any point in the future.”

Four terror attacks in the UK have been claimed by ISIS terrorists – with a fifth being carried out in a suspected right-wing inspired attack on a mosque in Finsbury Park.

Police stage huge mock mass shooting exercise


UK TERROR ALERT: Police stage huge mock mass shooting exercise known as ” Exercise Strong Tower ” Members of the public and emergency services take part in a mocked-up shooting. Could this be what it would be like if a real terrorist firearms attack happened in central London. The exercise is also reported to be the biggest to take place in London.
Getty Images
The Emergency Services Take Part In Training Exercise Operation Strong Tower
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Home Secretary Amber Rudd said: “The events of this year have shown why it is vital that the emergency services, Government and agencies prepare and rehearse our response to potential terrorist attacks.

“The professionalism with which front line services dealt with the atrocities in London and Manchester is in part due to the planning and practice that goes into exercises like this.”

Border Reiver will take place across cross the Lothians and Northumberland until Thursday.

Daily Star Online previously revealed the ISIS threat to British seaside towns after the van attack in Barcelona. 

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