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'Most of them are dead now': British former-IT worker fighting against ISIS in Syria reveals how terrorists wearing …

  • Jac Holmes, 24, has been fighting with the Kurdish YPG since 2015
  • Shows aftermath of ISIS attack on YPG troops in Raqqa in video
  • Several ISIS truck got behind Kurdish lines to stage suicide bombing
  • YPG foiled attack and Holmes’ footage shows the aftermath



A British former IT-worker who is fighting ISIS in Syria has revealed the bloodied aftermath of a failed ‘undercover’ attack in a video published on Facebook

Jac Holmes, 24, left his home in Parkstone, Dorset, in 2015 and – despite having no military training – joined the Kurdish People’s Protection Unit (YPG).

In the video, he can be seen describing how ISIS fighters dressed in fake YPG uniforms had managed to get behind Kurdish lines in Raqqa to stage a suicide bombing, but were sussed out.

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Fighter: Jac Holmes, 24, from Dorset, films the aftermath of an attempted suicide bomb attack in Raqqa, Syria, which saw ISIS fighters ‘go undercover’ with trucks loaded with explosives

YPG fighters opened fire on the ISIS terrorists, and reportedly killed a majority of the attackers, while some fled.  

‘Today is the 26th of September and today Daesh [ISIS] attacked behind our lines in Raqqa,’ Holmes says to the camera in the video.

‘In the morning, they came from outside Raqqa with three trucks, full of guys, full of s***. and they managed to get pretty far.

‘They went through some checkpoints, blasted some people.’

He then shows the pick-up truck the terrorists were travelling in, and films the dead body of an ISIS fighter, adding that ‘most of them are dead now’.

Taken down: He films the bodes of several ISIS terrorists, showing that a number of them were wearing suicide belts that could have killed him and his fellow YPG fighters

Killers: He also shows the contents of the bags of the dead fighters, including automatic rifle magazines 

He explains that the dead man had killed his unit’s armourer, and that the attackers were all wearing camouflage similar to that of the YPG.

He then describes how one of the other trucks is ‘full of explosives’, which they failed to detonate. 

He shows the back of the pickup-truck containing explosives and moves on to both passenger and drivers seats where he shows two suicide belts and the detonator.  

Yesterday, a British filmmaker who had been documenting the war with ISIS was killed in a similar attack at a nearby location.

Mehmet Aksoy, 32, was shot dead in a Kurdish-held compound outside Raqqa on Tuesday.

Brave: Mr Holmes quit hos job and left Britain shortly before hi 22nd birthday in 2015

Learning fast: Despite no previous military training, he joined the YPG and has been fighting ISIS since January 2015

ISIS jihadists drove up to the compound in two cars, took out six guards and then killed Aksoy and a female journalist before they were shot dead by retaliating Kurds

Aksoy, whose parents are Kurdish, studied filmmaking at Goldsmiths, University of London, had been documenting battles for the YPG since June.

YPG fighter Mr Holmes quit his job working on the service desk for an outsourcing firm which provides services to Bournemouth Council in January 2015.

Speaking to MailOnline later that year, he said he had gotten tired of constantly seeing new atrocities being carried out by ISIS and Assad, and so travelled to Syria shortly before his 22nd birthday.

Despite no previous military training, he joined the Kurdish YPG and was given the nom-de-guerre Soresh – meaning revolution.

‘I got sick of seeing what was going on while the British government and the rest of the West did nothing and most people knew nothing of the situation in the region, so I took it upon myself to come out here and do whatever I could to assist the people in their struggle.’