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Motorcyclist almost mowed down by lorry that 'ran red light' – but who was at fault?

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The Sun

Motorcyclist almost mowed down by lorry that ‘ran red light’ – but who was at fault?
The Sun
The biker gets more than he bargained for, as an oncoming red truck quickly swung into the junction as it made a right turn. Section 130 of the UK Highway Code says areas of white diagonal stripes “are to separate traffic lanes or to protect traffic

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Motorcyclist swerves to avoid lorry that 'ran red light'

A motorcyclist sparked debate after posting a helmet cam video swerving to avoid a crash with a lorry that it claimed had run a red light.

The biker’s claims have been ridiculed by YouTube viewers as they accused the rider of driving dangerously and running the red light themselves.

Footage shot from a helmet cam shows the biker approaching a junction with traffic lights.

The biker steers to the right of a single lane of traffic on to diagonal white line crosshatching in the middle of the road.

The biker doesn’t stop and instead drives through the junction, reaching it a split second after the light goes green.

The biker approaches the intersection in the video filmed onboard (Image: Ab flab/Youtube)

However, the ride is forced to steer left quickly as the red truck swings around into the junction as it makes a right turn.

According to the UK Highway Code , section 130 says of areas of white diagonal stripes:”These are to separate traffic lanes or to protect traffic turning right.

“If the area is bordered by a broken white line, you should not enter the area unless it is necessary and you can see that it is safe to do so.”

The area appears to have the broken white line.

The lorry can be seen entering the intersection (Image: Ab flab/Youtube)

The rider later pulls over and relives the drama with another motorist who has pulled over.

YouTube user Ab flab wrote: “Whilst on my way to work when a lorry ran a red and gave me a nice surprise.”

“Did you see that?” he says.

But Phoenix Noor wrote: “If anything you seem to be running the red there.

“Even if it was about to turn green you can’t just roll by at the same speed you were driving by and expect it to be safe.

The bike proceeds through the intersection as the lorry turns right (Image: Ab flab/Youtube)

“There will always be cars wanting to catch the orange light like you did yourself (except in reverse).”

Another viewer remarked: “Can i have your liver when you die?

“Judging by the way you ride it wont be long.”

OrangeCrush wrote: “Well the ground said “slow” the light was red as you approached and that truck was already past the white line.

“I understand it scared you but i don’t see anything they did “wrong”.

It was a close call as the lorry and the bicycle almost collided (Image: Ab flab/Youtube)

Ab Flab responded: ” I was slowing down, but as I approached I saw the light was changing so I sped up to get ahead of the first car, the light was green before I went through so that says he ran a red which is wrong.”

Rob Duncan showed some support: “Hope you are ok.

“The bully with the HGV is out of order, you clearly went through green however on a bike you have to watch out (ride defensively) to keep yourself alive when you meet a bully / moron like this.

“Be careful riding on chevrons / diagonal stripes, they are there for a reason.

“Bottom line truck went through red.”