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Medium trucks require big decisions

TORONTO, Ont. — The medium-duty truck market has been steady over the past year; healthy, but lagging the historical pace of orders seen in the Class 8 segment. Medium-duty Classes 5-7 truck orders declined in March, according to the latest preliminary…

Armed Forces Personnel Named In Latest Operational Honours and Awards List

A number of Armed Forces Personnel have been named in the latest Operational Honours and Awards list.
The list recognises the bravery, commitment and commendable service of service personnel within the military.

Lieutenant Colonel Craig Palmer

The benefits of CK-4 and FA-4 oil

Engine oil is as versatile as it is vital. Not only does it lubricate an engine’s moving parts so there’s no metal-to-metal scuffing, it also disperses heat.
Now it performs better than ever.
The CJ-4 oil category had been around for years when its rep…