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‘Needle in a haystack’

Woman s cherished keychain retrieved at landfill If finding a needle in a haystack is difficult, it must be that much more difficult to find a keychain at the landfill. Susie Forsythe holds the keychain made by her late husband that was retrieved from the landfill after she accidentally threw it away. However, that s exactly what happened when a handful of strangers and one very devoted friend came together to help a distraught woman who had accidentally thrown away a beloved memento of her late husband. Susie Forsythe s husband, Jack Brinkley, battled cancer for nine months. During his illness, he underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, so he had plenty of time on his hands while he was at home resting. He started to make paracord things just for something to do with his time, Susie said. Jack churned out bracelets and lanyards by the dozens while he was sick, but one keychain he made for Susie was especially meaningful. It was red, her favorite color. And he took his time to make sure he had it exactly right a wrist loop on one end, with a clip on the other end for her keys. He was adamant that he wanted to make this for me, Susie said. I knew how important it was. This is the one he made specially for me. Jack died a week after finishing the keychain, at the age of 64, back in March. Knowing that it s one of the last things her husband touched makes Susie feel a little closer to him every time she sees the keychain. However, on Aug. 24, she almost lost the link to her husband forever. Susie returned from dinner out with a friend and threw her to-go cup in the trash as she walked in the door and accidentally threw her keys in the trash as well. She chopped some fruits and vegetables later that night, put the rinds and stalks in the trash and then took the final bag to the curb so the produce wouldn t stink up the house. The next morning, she went to leave for work and couldn t find her keys. She started thinking about the last place she had them. Then I realized, she said. It hit me like a wave. She rushed to the window and could see that her trash had already been picked up. I was inconsolable, she said. The keys could be replaced, but the keychain couldn t. She called her two daughters and cried. She told a friend at work what happened and said she wouldn t be able to come in that day. The friend at work, however, didn t leave it at that. She sprang into action, and soon she was talking to Suffolk Public Works dispatcher Rita Walden on the phone. The lady that called was just so passionate, and I knew then and there I had to do whatever it took to help this lady find this item that was so sentimental to her, Walden said. I knew that she was heartbroken, and I knew we had to do everything in our power to help her find it. Walden looked up Susie s address and contacted Timothy Bell, the trash truck driver. Bell said his truck was only about half full and knew that he had picked up the trash in Susie s neighborhood toward the beginning of his route. Walden got permission from her supervisors and from the Southeastern Public Service Authority regional landfill to allow Bell to go to the landfill early. The landfill cleared a special place for Bell to dump his load, and he stretched the load out by pulling forward slowly as he unloaded. Meanwhile, Susie had no idea that her friend from work who was nine months pregnant had not only called to orchestrate all this but also was on her way to the landfill. Next thing I know, she s texting me, What color trash bags do you have? Susie said. Once her friend narrowed down the bags, she started searching through them and eventually found one with some of Susie s mail. The treasured keychain was in the very next bag and didn t even have any fruit juice on it. The friend delivered the keychain directly to Susie, surprising her when she pulled up to the house. Susie remembers hoping against hope when she saw her friend pull up in the driveway, still not completely aware of what had transpired at the landfill. That s such a wonderful thing, Susie said, holding the lost-and-found keychain in her hand and jangling the keys. Walden, the public works dispatcher, said she was beside herself when she learned the keychain had been found. It was a great ending to a story, she said. I was ecstatic. I couldn t believe it. That was like finding a needle in a haystack. Bell, the truck driver, said he was happy the keychain was found. I m glad we could help her, he said. I m just glad that she found it. Susie said she wants to thank everybody who helped retrieve the keychain and hopes to meet them soon. SPSA employees who helped out included Dennis Deffily, Donald Byrd, James Stone and Jerome Jordan. This means so much to me, Susie said.

Drivers’ Fuel Challenge puts the world’s most efficient truck drivers to the test 0

Drivers’ Fuel Challenge puts the world’s most efficient truck drivers to the test

28 finalists from around the world competed for the title World s most fuel efficient driver in Volvo Trucks Drivers Fuel Challenge 2016. The winner was Tom Hor i ka from the Czech Republic. In this year s challenge competitors were evaluated on both fuel savings and time, setting a high bar for the drivers skills as well as for the trucks.

On Friday 9 September, 28 truck drivers from all over the world gathered at Volvo Trucks test track in Gothenburg, Sweden to participate in the Drivers Fuel Challenge. The competition consists of driving a Volvo FH around the 6.9 km long track while using as little fuel as possible. This year s set up also included a twist: participants that managed to complete the course with time to spare were given extra points.

Meeting delivery deadlines is critical for today s transport companies. By including time constraints, the skills to prove in the Drivers Fuel Challenge are even more practical and relevant to the driver s day-to-day work. To win, the driver needs to drive in an exceptionally well-planned, forward-looking and fuel-efficient way, says Ricard Fritz, Senior Vice President, Product and Vehicle Sales, Volvo Trucks.

To succeed the drivers needed to achieve a high average speed while keeping fuel consumption to a minimum, which was made possible thanks to a Volvo FH equipped with the recently enhanced powertrain. Our updated powertrain enables the engine and gearbox to utilise their full combined potential to deliver even more efficient transportations, says Mats Franz n, Product Manager Powertrain Components Engines at Volvo Trucks. Fuel accounts for around a third of a transport company s costs.

That is why Volvo Trucks works continuously to meet the customer s growing needs for fuel-efficient transport. But to be a truly fuel-efficient transport company, a modern truck is not enough; a good driver is a necessity. For this reason Volvo Trucks puts strong emphasis on vehicle handovers and professional driver training.

Through the Drivers Fuel Challenge we want to show the difference a good driver makes. A fuel-efficient driver can make a substantial difference and save as much as ten per cent in fuel costs. In the long run, that means huge cost savings for transport companies.

And I am truly impressed by how well the drivers utilised the potential and techniques of the trucks, says Lene Larsen, Project Manager, The Drivers Fuel Challenge, Volvo Trucks. Clinching a spot at the Drivers Fuel Challenge 2016 final was no small feat. The 28 competing drivers in the global final qualified through national and regional Drivers Fuel Challenge competitions held across the world, which involved over 12,000 drivers.

Of the 28 participant in this year s Drivers Fuel Challenge, Stanislav Martynov from Russia, Emir Salihovi from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tom Hor i ka from the Czech Republic and Kjetil Dale from Norway made it to the grand final. In the end, it was Tom Hor i ka who brought home the title. Winning The Drivers Fuel Challenge means the world to me.

And since I am both a truck driver and a company owner, I know how important fuel-efficient driving really is. says Tom Hor i ka. Along with the title of world s most fuel efficient truck driver , the winner also received a VIP-trip for two to a Formula 1 race of their choice, where they will gain unique insights into the F1 racing world.

How the Drivers Fuel Challenge works From 42 participating countries, 28 drivers qualified for the Drivers Fuel Challenge global final. The competing drivers had 12 minutes and 30 seconds to drive a Volvo FH truck around the 6.9 km long competition course. The main goal was to use as little fuel as possible.

Additionally, bonus points were given to the drivers that finished the course in the shortest amount of time. Factoring in time in the overall results, ensured that it became even more important to keep high average speed. Facts about the winner: Name: Tom Hor i ka Age: 34 Nationality: Czech Occupation: Tom Hor i ka Result: Fuel (litres): 2,90.

Time: 10:40.

Fuel with bonus (litres): 2,04.

A selection of Volvo Trucks recent fuel-efficiency efforts: Presentation of the Volvo Concept Truck which uses 30 per cent less fuel Enhanced Euro 6 engine Improved aerodynamic design of the Volvo FH cab Weight reductions on the Volvo FH and FM I-Shift with crawler gears offers an outstanding startability for heavy haulage and in severe conditions and increased fuel efficiency Tandem Axle Lift, which allows the second driven axle to be disengaged and raised when not fully loaded in order to reduce fuel consumption

K2 scales new heights with Mercedes-Benz trucks from Rossetts Commercials 0

K2 scales new heights with Mercedes-Benz trucks from Rossetts Commercials

East Sussex-based K2 Transport [1] has updated and extended its truck fleet with more peak performers from Mercedes-Benz, after joining the Pall-Ex network. Dealer Rossetts Commercials has supplied the fast-growing operator with six Mercedes-Benz Actros 2545 BigSpace tractor units, and a pair of 18-tonne Antos 1824s with curtainside bodies by Lawrence David, of Peterborough. All are the subject of contract hire agreements with Rent-a-Merc, like Rossetts a member of the Northern Ireland-based Inspired Business Investments Group, and are now being inspected and serviced at the Dealer s Eastbourne workshop. K2 Transport operates from headquarters in Uckfield, close to Gatwick Airport. The company is still a relative newcomer, having been founded as recently as 2013 by Nick Pearce, a former pilot in Australia. He was joined shortly afterwards by Kim Brand, a seasoned transport industry professional who spent 25 years working in Botswana. The two began trading with a single truck, which they took turns to drive, then acquired a second. The following year they took on their third truck and employed their first driver, since when the business has really taken off. K2 Transport offers a range of customer-focused haulage and light storage services. As well as undertaking a wide range of general assignments, its trucks carry timber from ports to customers of a leading merchant located throughout London and the South-East. K2 is also now sending vehicles each night to the Pall-Ex hub in Leicestershire. The operator was running Mercedes-Benz trucks supplied by an independent rental specialist prior to the arrivals of its new Actros and Antos, so already had an after sales relationship with Rossetts Commercials. We get on very well with the Dealer s Eastbourne team, who provide an excellent level of support, confirmed Kim Brand. Our trucks go into the workshop on Friday nights for inspections and maintenance, and we pick them up again the following morning. You ll always get issues from time to time but they understand how important it is to minimise downtime and can always be relied upon to keep us rolling. He continued: The contract hire deal put together by Rossetts was attractively priced, while Mercedes-Benz trucks suit our business admirably. Not only are they fuel-efficient, reliable and popular with the drivers those with the Actros tractors particularly like their spacious, flat-floored cabs but they also help us to convey the upmarket image of quality we have sought to project from the outset. With their colour-coded bumpers and mirrors our new trucks look great. Explaining the decision to name the company after K2, the world s second-highest mountain, Nick Pearce added: It is short and catchy, and highlights our determination to keep striving for the next goal. Our Pall-Ex appointment is a good example of this. We are keen to offer a greater range of services to our customers and this membership will act as a catalyst for business growth, allowing us to diversify into new markets and increase our client base. It represents a very important stage in the company s development. References ^ K2 Transport (www.k2transport.co.uk)