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First Look At Vladislav Alex Kozlov’s Feature Doc ‘American Superman’
EXCLUSIVE: Here’s a first-look at American Superman, a doc about the late Chris Dennis, a well-known homeless man living in LA how was affectionally known as ‘Hollywood Superman.’ Fo…

John Darwin’s life in squalor

John Darwin’s new life is a far cry from the one he dreamed of when he faked his own death.
The 71-year-old conman wanted to leave Seaton Carew in County Durham and his crippling debts to live in exotic destinations across the globe.
Back in 2002, John…

Canoe man John Darwin now

John Darwin certainly didn’t die in a canoe accident – and now lives a drastically different life thousands of miles away from the scene of his astonishing crime.
The 71-year-old fraudster faked his own death back in 2002 in a dishonest plot with ex-wi…