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Design Interactive bringing VR to the shop

The new tools are designed to enhance training even when equipment is not available.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Design Interactive is bringing the power of augmented and virtual reality to truck shops, with Virtual Equipment Training that can be used to deploy t…

Eaton extends warranty for aftermarket clutches

GALESBURG, Mich. — Power management company Eaton said Monday it is extending the manufacturer warranty periods for its aftermarket clutches.
The Advantage Self-Adjust and Easy Pedal Advantage clutch standard warranties are increased to three years/unl…

Drivers who disobey 'traffic officers' who aren't police risk £1,000 fines

We all know Highways England Traffic Officers aren’t real police, right?
Their lights flash amber and not blue – but that doesn’t mean for one minute we can ignore them.
And that’s because if you do ignore them you could still be landed with a hefty fi…