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Brake Safety Week begins

GREENBELT, Md. – Roadside enforcement teams across North America are placing a particular focus on stopping power today as the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance launches Brake Safety Week, running from Sept. 16-22.
Inspectors will largely be conductin…

Making the case for solar

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Just 200 trailers with solar panels on their roofs would generate enough power to supply 3,200 residential homes if that power were fed back into the grid.
Jeff Kauffman of Tahoe Ventures, speaking at the FTR Transportation Confere…

Driver demand

When Gorski Bulk Transport joined the SmartWay Partnership Program in 2010, then under the domain of the US Environmental Protection Agency, it initially did so at the urging of a customer.
“One of our customers who were focused on conserving non-renew…